Welcome to MalaysiaTravelNet.com! I’ve always wondered whether it is possible to make a website about tourism Malaysia travel destination. Malaysia may be small country but to document the various tourism activities is no small feat!

Yes, there are many websites about Malaysia tourism and why create another website about Malaysia? For one, I’m staying here, working here, and of course this is a beautiful country with the various races working together to build this country. Of course no country is perfect, but home is where the heart is.

And as for documenting the various travel activities about Malaysia, perhaps this is one project that may be too big for me to handle. As they say, Rome wasn’t build in one day. So I just have to slowly build up this reference travel site, page by page. No easy task, but hopefully it will amount to something that would be useful for any visitors local or abroad.

Vacationing is fun, my wife and I do travel around Malaysia for holidays and of course there will always be a few favourite places that we will return again and again. And then again there are new places for us to explore. I will try to write my Malaysia travel experiences where I have been and provide as good an explanation or review as possible.

My tools and equipment

One of the best things in this modern day and edge are the tools and equipment that you can bring along to document your holiday travel vacation. So along with the ride are my trusty little photography equipment ranging from the simple handy dandy mobile phone with a so-so build in camera for those times when I forgot to bring my compact camera or when the battery goes flat-line. And of course if I don’t feel so burdened and what get that perfect shot there is always the heavy duty digital SLR with its various lens and such, which although does take very nice photos, it is rather bulky to carry around.

Still I have captured many scenes of Malaysia throughout my travels be it for holiday vacation or work wise. You never know you have some interesting snapshot to take. And yes, my Malaysia photo collection growing ever bigger and the best way to show case my little photography skill than to write a website blog about Malaysia and post it online to share with visitors like you looking for information about good old Malaysia.

And of course after a Malaysia holiday travel, it was time to off load to my desk top computer for storage and archiving. And next comes the many hours tip-tapping on the desktop computer writing for this humble personal travel website.

I do hope you enjoy what you read here and find the article information and helpful for your travel planning for some tourism Malaysia vacation travel.

My very important writing tool

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