The growing numbers of budget hotels in Malaysia for tourism and travel is a welcome addition to the accommodation scene. Sure you could live it up in the many famous star rated hotels around Malaysia. However not everyone could splurge their hard earned income for some time off visiting the various popular tourist hotspots. After all, sometimes all you need is just a nice clean room with a hot shower and a comfortable bed to rest your weary body ready for the activities of a new day.

Budget hotels doesn’t just serve the needs of travel and tourism, they also fulfill other needs like outstation visiting friends and family members where you could not properly house them in your own house guestroom due to lack of space or overcrowding and so the best option would be to check them in to a nearby economical hotel. It is no wonder that many budget hotels are situation in shop house located within the locality of the housing estates.

Budget hotels in Malaysia Tourism and Travel

Apart from friends and families, the traveling business road warrior too, gets the benefit of cost savings while doing their sales calls without having to blow their travel budget. Of course the top brass may not care to cut their travel budget to keep up with their image, small time entrepreneurs and smaller companies would like to keep their expenses down and thus staying in such simple accommodation would make their finances stretch further.

Budget hotels are a welcomed convenience, like recently my in-laws needed to be close proximity to an ailing family member took to the nearest budget hotel next to the hospital. Places like tertiary institution where a visiting parent of students would like to pay them a visit or even to attend convocation day would find such accommodation very helpful.

Budget hotels may be small being build in shop houses, they are however not like hostels but rather cozy and compact. In order to maximize their returns with limited space, rooms tend to be just enough for a single or double bed, with a small desk, possibly a TV for some light entertainment and a small bathroom with shower and basin. The place is completely Spartan as some operators do decorate the hotels with numerous printed paintings and pictures giving the accommodation a certain amount of class and giving the rated hotels a run for its money. Not to mentioned something to soothe your tired eyes after a day of running around the city be it from sightseeing or from a heavy business deal discussion.

Clean and cosy budget hotel doom Due to the nature of compactness, it seems some rooms may not even have windows as they are sandwiched between other rooms. The bigger family rooms would be fairly large and could accommodate a family size of four with their twin queen size beds.

Most guests would not stay for long, just a day to a few days. That is the usual time period for most visiting friends, families or even the business sales traveler. And that would be enough especially for a business traveler who will need to move from place to place, town to town making their rounds visiting their clients.

Room rates range from as low as RM80 to RM150 per night depending on the room type. Any lower than RM80 and it would fall into the budget guesthouse / hostel dormitory category and any higher than RM150 and it would be well into the star rated range of hotels.

Budget hotels can found easily just about anywhere! Although there are two premium hotels near my home, even within this locality numerous budget hotels could be found. While visiting my relatives in Raub, a small town in the middle of Pahang, there too, I could find many new budget hotels replacing the old aging ones.

Running a budget accommodation would require prior approval from the government to get the business license to run the hotel. However the approval process could be rather tedious and in view of haste to get the business up and running, some operators have no choice but to open their accommodation for business. It is a sad and well known fact of the industry and hopefully the government would get their act together as such flourishing places to stay are a complimentary boost to the Malaysia travel and tourism industry.

Here is an interesting situation where an enterprising businessman in Muar who had a love for old heritage buildings decided to preserved a row of seven run-down shop houses and made it into a 45 room budget hotel at the same time made a new landmark for the town of Muar. It was a good effort from the Leong Hup Holding executive director Tan Sri Francis Lau to take the initiative to make the seven shops built before the First World War located along Jalan Ali road. Although it cost a lot to renovate the pre-war shop houses into budget accommodation, it certainly lends a certain amount of charm to stay the night in such a historical heritage hotel.

Another good point about budget hotels is that some hotels also allow hourly renting of their room accommodation. This is a good idea from the operator part. Sometimes you just want a quick rest or a quick shower and clean up from the day activities (after all Malaysia is very hot and you be rather sweaty and grimy from the hot weather) before continuing with the rest of the day before heading back to your proper accommodation located elsewhere further away. Not all hotels provide such short hourly stays, and for those that do, it provides a very useful convenience for a quick rest for the weary traveler.

I recalled during my younger days we needed to wash up after having some fun time at the seaside beach in Kuantan. The budget hotel could provide a brief half day rate just for our cleaning and bathing need before we proceeded on our east coast holiday travel to Terengganu and onwards to Kelantan. Such short period stay was really convenient though it went by the half day rate, the hourly rate by some of the budget hotels in the city certainly provide an interesting accommodation service for the traveler.

So instead of spending so much more for star rated hotels, choosing a budget hotel in Malaysia for your travel and tourism or even on a business sales call would be a good alternative for your rest and sleep after a long day of activities.

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