If you have a large group, search for Cameron Highlands apartment instead rather than staying in a hotel accommodation. There are many apartments available in Tanah Rata, Brinchang as well as places in between these two popular towns and other locations further away.

Cameron Highlands Apartment


Renting an apartment in the highlands is very suited for a large family as well as a group of friends planning to hang out together. Apartment in Cameron Highlands can accommodate as many 10 persons, it is no wonder apartments are very popular accommodation option when searching for a place to stay. In addition, they have a kitchen with some simple cooking facility to prepare meals. One of the most popular meals most family and friends will do is the steamboat. Something about the cold weather of Cameron Highlands makes the steaming hot meal very appealing!

Apartments may consist of three rooms, a living hall with sofas and TV with provided Astro satellite cable TV, dining area, kitchen and two bathrooms with heated showers. The surrounding of the area may or may not have garden or playground area. For those that do, they provide a good place for children to play and run around.

When selecting apartment for rent in Cameron Highlands, note that some apartments are not truly apartment in the real sense. There are some that are located in shop lots and some located in houses. Those that are in the shop lots call themselves apartment because there is a lot of living space and rooms. Advantage is that you can have quick easy access to the town center and the disadvantage of having to park your car in public parking lots and possible traffic noise. For those houses that wants to rent out their space as apartment, these still make good location to hold up in the highlands especially if they are a bungalow. The space around the bungalow makes for good place for children to play and explore and of course a good place to relax for its calmer ambience.

Most Cameron Highlands apartments are privately owned by individuals, and each apartment unit condition is dependent on how the landlord furnishing it and maintaining it. It does cost a bundle to make the apartment really nice and cozy and not all landlord may be willing to spend that much due to financial constraint.

And of course the apartments are also passed to agents to market and handle the orders. If the owners do not reside in Cameron Highlands the agents also arrange for housekeeping to keep the place in order after the guests has checked out.

Here is a brief list of Cameron Highlands apartment that one could stay. The apartment agents are also listed and they could actually advise you the condition of the apartment. Of course the better the apartment, the more you will have to pay! So it all depends on your budget too!

Cameron Highlands Apartment

  • Greenhill Resort – Located in Tanah Rata, within the compound of Heritage Hotel. If you have RCI or Berjaya Leisure Vacation Club you may book here. Otherwise look out for booking agents to stay. Generally Greenhill Resort apartments are rather well furnished and maintain. The apartments are rather spacious too. Very nice beautiful surrounding and nice gardens. They are within walking distance to town and if you prefer to dine nearby you can hop over to Heritage Hotel!
  • Desa Anthurium Apartment – they are located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang. The apartments are smaller than Greenhill but still sufficiently spacious. They have children playground nearby but no nice view as the location is in a valley.
  • Carnation Park – is located a little away from Tanah Rata. A little smaller than Desa Anthurium. Nice and quiet place with a small playground in the centre.
  • Prima Villa Apartments – located just along the main road to Tanah Rata. Very spacious living quarters. If the landlord knows how to arrange the beds, you can have a large group staying here. If the apartment faces the main road, could be a little noisy from the traffic.
  • Iris Apartment – located next to Smokehouse Hotel and facing the golf course. Very newly built. The nice view of the golf course is a nice touch. Hop over to Smokehouse for some tea and scones!
  • Star Regency Apartment – located in Brinchang. Probably one of the first buildings you will notice. Have easy access to town and Brinchang night market.
  • Parkland Apartments – it is on a hillock, just a little outside of Brinchang. Has some nice view.
  • Villa Dahlia – facing the golf course. Nice place.
  • Natasya Resort – located in Kea Farm within the compound of Equatorial Cameron Highlands. Studio style apartment that can house up to 4 persons. Very warm and cozy furnishing. Within walking distance to Kea vegetable markets and other attractions.
  • Arabella Apartment – located on hill overlooking Tanah Rata. Apartments is nice, but the neighborhood is a little messy.
  • Taman Royal Lily – The apartment looks like low cost accommodation. Condition will depend on the owner landlord furnishing. Quiet place but generally ok.

Other apartments include:

  • Holiday Cameron Apartments +605-4914208
  • K.R. Highlanders Budget Hotel & Apartments +605-4914934
  • Kalai Villa Apartment +6012-506 7507 – this is a house actually, and it is good!
  • Shal’s Holiday Apartments +605-4912408

Agents to rent apartments in Cameron Highlands.

  • Cameron Holiday Services – +605-4914945
  • Num Song Sdn Bhd – Desa Anthurium & Carnation Park +605-4911250/5501
  • SPM Apartment and Bungalow – +6016-202 5800

There may be more then the listed above as Cameron Highlands apartments is very popular choice of accommodation!

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