Brinchang is one of the popular tourist towns in Cameron Highlands. Although smaller than Tanah Rata, somehow a large number of visitors like to make their base here despite the lack of available parking space. Brinchang geographically is located on an incline unlike Tanah Rata where the land area is relatively flat. So the amount of space available for the township is less. Trust the entrepreneurs and civil engineers; if there is a will, there is a way. And now there is a giant building overshadowing the township and not to mention a large apartment accommodation call the Star Regency Apartment.

Brinchang, Cameron Highlands

Brinchang Town Layout

Brinchang, Cameron HighlandsBrinchang town layout is fairly simple, much simpler than Tanah Rata and definitely no way you can get lost. You can cover the whole place on foot, unlike Tanah Rata where the area is much bigger. The main Brinchang town centre has two opposing shop houses in a semi circle overlooking the main street and the town square which is the parking lot. New area has been built around the years behind the shop house on the left if you are coming up on the road from Tanah Rata.

In the central square area, there is mini taxi stand where you can book your taxi. It also doubles as a bus stop. Many hotels and restaurants occupies the shop houses around the central area and recent additions include a Guardian Pharmacy store and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant! No escaping from that finger linking good Colonel Sanders fried chicken, eh?

Hotels in Brinchang

Hotel Rosa PassadenaApart from the many small shop house hotels, the simple star rated hotel called Hotel Rosa Pasadena could be found in Brinchang. They have quite a good restaurant and you can call up a good Chinese meal fare there. Of course if you still prefer steamboat, they have that too.

One of the first hotels that I stayed in was the Kowloon Hotel. I stayed there about 15 years ago and it is still here renting out rooms for guests. It is a simple budget hotel under the same group as the Parkland hotels and apartments. Because of the popularity of Cameron Highlands, new accommodations are still being built even as we speak!


For those who drive, they have two petrol station located here. A popular Shell petrol station on the lower side and the less popular Petronas station on the higher side of the main road. There are only two places where you can get your fuel, in Ringlet and Brinchang. If you don’t pump up full either place when you depart Cameron Highlands, you won’t get the chance until you reach the lowland.

There is the main grocery store next to Rainbow Hotel where you can get most of your day-to-day items. Look them up if you are short of any essentials. And if you need to do some banking, there is Public Bank next to Hotel Rosa Pasadena.

Places of Worship

Sam Po Kong temple in BrinchangOne of the striking building that will catch your eye while entering Brinchang from Tanah Rata is the Indian Temple with the colourfully decorated deities on the exterior. Branching along from the junction you will reach the Sam Po Buddhist Temple which is also one of the popular tourist attractions of Cameron Highlands. The Surau is located next to the Post Office, a little inconspicuous but is there.

Restaurants and Steamboats

Everybody’s favourite steamboat meal is available in just about any restaurant. Most of them taste the same so you could choose any restaurant that you fancy. What’s important is the soup; it is what gives you the taste. For something more interesting, you could go for charcoal steamboat. There are three restaurants serving Charcoal steamboat in Brinchang: Highland Restaurant, Cameron Organic Produce, and Ho Organic Restaurant. The latter two serves up organic vegetables, so for the health conscious, go for them if you will.

Brinchang Night Market

Brinchang Night MarketWhat of the star attraction in Brinchang is the night market. This is what would be known as Pasar Malam in Malaysia. You can find them in the lowlands, but in Cameron Highlands, the Brinchang Night Market is the most popular. It is only available during weekends, public holidays and Malaysian School Holidays. If you don’t mind facing a traffic jam you can plan your vacation holiday around this period. The Brinchang Night Market is set up on either side of the main road facing the Police Station on the upper side of Brinchang. You can get your fill of interesting Malaysian street food, souvenirs and of course vegetables and flowers grown in Cameron Highlands.

Brinchang may not be as big as Tanah Rata but it is certainly one of the popular towns in Cameron Highlands.

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