Getting there to Cameron Highlands is not too difficult if you know the way. With all the new highways and expressway running North-to-South the journey to Cameron Highlands is rather smooth indeed.There are only two best mode of transportation to go Cameron Highlands. By car or by bus coach. The train option is not recommended even though it could be done but it is so complicated and time consuming and costly you may as well take the bus which takes you directly to your Malaysia highlands destination.

Cameron Highlands Road


For those without their own transportation, buses is the cheapest mode to travel to Cameron Highlands. However the time taken is longer as buses are limited to a slower speed limit on the expressway than cars though it has not stop many from flouting the law in order to reach their destination faster. Imagine going through the winding road up at breakneck speed! With the many long haul routes, the bus driver may get tired, so when choosing a bus schedule, use the day time buses as they are much safer than night time buses. So many serious bus accidents have happen during the night when the drivers are getting sleepy and tired from the day long driving.

Buses to Cameron Highlands can be found in Puduraya Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur, the main bus station in Ipoh, and in Penang as well as in various bus terminals in Singapore. Check out their schedule that will fit into your travel plan.

However for those who self-drive whether with their own transport or rented car, there are two routes to Cameron Highlands and both would require the driver to be fairly skilled to negotiate those winding roads up the Malaysian highland.

Balance distance to Cameron HighlandsUsing the PLUS North-South Expressway, there are two exits, one in Tapah and the other in Simpang Pulai. The Tapah route is the older one and the road is narrower and more winding. You need to be more skilled if you need to overtake slower moving vehicles like lorries, buses and Sunday drivers. There is some plan by the government to widen the road so it will remain to be seen.

The other route is via the Simpang Pulai exit from PLUS Expressway. Just follow the signage and you would be well on the way to Cameron Highlands. The road here is wider and considered easier to drive. However those coming down the hill should be careful not to speed. Sure the road is easier to drive but if you don’t control your car speed while going downhill there is the risk of losing control of your car. I have seen many downward going cars crossing over to the opposite side of the road endangering the upward going cars. The road transport department has put up some road barriers to prevent such overcrossing but only on selected stretch of the road only.

The time taken to go up from the toll exit for either way is about the same — 1 hour 30 minutes. In fact if you are heading over to Tanah Rata, the Simpang Pulai route is actually much further and longer though easier to drive.

Some caveat when using the Simpang Pulai route up to Cameron Highlands. Never use this way in the late afternoon during long weekends with public holidays and during school holidays. That’s when the Brinchang Night Market is on and that would cause a massive traffic jam feeding way back all the way to Tringkap. As the road is narrow once you hit the Kampung Raja/Kuala Terla town the traffic will slow to a crawl. What would have taken you 30 minutes to travel to Tanah Rata from Kampung Raja Kuala Terla will now take you at least 2 hours!

And that was just what happened when my brother-in-law didn’t take heed of my warning. He chose the easier way up via Simpang Pulai but ended up with a traffic jam nightmare that took him 2 hours to reach the apartment in Tanah Rata. Whereas for me using the Tapah way up to Cameron Highlands, my parents-in-law, my wife and I had an enjoyable ride up and even had a “teh tarik” break at Bharat’s Shalimar Tea Shop, enjoying a panoramic view of the tea plantation before checking in to Greenhill Resort Apartment in Tanah Rata.

So now you know, so plan your trip well and choose the correct route of getting there to Cameron Highlands for the appropriate period.

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