Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is located in the state of Pahang. It is one of the cool travel destination to go for a relaxing vacation. It has a daily average temperature of 23°C and nightly average of 10°C. Its cool climate weather makes it a perfect getaway from the hot and humid tropical heat of the Malaysian weather.

The Lakehouse Hotel in Ringlet/Habu, Cameron Highlands.A grand view of a Tea Plantation in Cameron HighlandsView from Cameron Highland weather stationThe sign. Parit Trail Jungle WalkParit Falls bridge @ Cameron HighlandSunbeams along the Parit Trail Jungle Walk on a beautiful clear morning


Cameron Highlands History

Cameron Highlands was discovered by William Cameron around 1885 during one of his mapping expedition for British government. He found a nice plateau at the 1370-1700 meters elevation above sea level. He was captivated by the gentle slopes and plateau of the area that when he returned from his expedition, he propose the area as a sanatorium, health resort and farmland. And thus the Malaysia highlands, Cameron Highlands that was named after him was born.

Of course it took many more years of development and such to become the place it is today. The journey to Cameron Highlands was not easy during those early years. There was no proper tar road like we have today and there was only one way up using bullock carts and sedan chairs! Forget about automobiles or even our simple Malaysian humble Honda Cub motorbikes. It probably takes a whole day to go up there. Then again they have plenty of time in their time unlike today’s busy rat race where everything has to be done in a jiffy.

Getting There

Travelling there is fairly easy though the road is winding. As compared with the Tapah route up, the new Simpang Pulai route is rather easier with it wide road and gentler curves.

The scenery is just totally splendid with the jungle forest all around the hills while travelling uphill. The new Simpang Pulai route has more open space and you can see the distant hills. While the Tapah route on the other hand, has the jungle all around you with the occasional view of distant hills where the thick foliage parts to reveal. Gives one a sense of closeness to nature-feeling with the Tapah route!

Best way to move around is by self drive with a car as most of the sights and attractions are located quite a distance. However if the option of car rental is not part of your itenerary, you could take the local taxies or take some tour from travel agencies in Cameron Highlands.

Things to do in Cameron Highlands

Some of the best love tourism Malaysia location and things to do in Cameron Highlands are:

  • Tea plantation
  • Jungle trekking
  • Farms and markets

Of course after enjoying all the activities, you could settle down for a relaxing afternoon tea and scones. Feeling hungry? Than go for the ever popular steamboat meal where you self cook your own food into a pot of tasty boiling soup. It is sure to warm up your body if you ever feel cold in Cameron Highlands.

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