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      1. Business Scope

        It is mainly engaged in men and women’s western-style clothes, western-style pants, working clothes, leisure suit, Korean suit, overcoat, vest, skirt, undertaking group order of occupational clothes from each enterprise and units such as banks, aviation, telecom, public transportation, electric power, hotel, market, etc., OEM process on giving materials and orders at home and abroad.

        Independent brand

        As a clothing enterprise with long history, the products of Eart Elgin brand today have been sold to areas at home and abroad such as northwest and East China and gained market’s recognition and consumers’ praise with novel style, reasonable price and technology level and quality requirement which is being improved constantly.


        In the past ten years since transferring the enterprise core from brand operation to OEM, Zhongtian has cooperated with many brands at home and abroad with good faith, excellent quality and rich experience. It has a complete set of production line for western-style suit, production technical staffs with rich experience and its own brand operation history- it always sets becoming the manufacturer of high-quality products as main target.

        Customized Business Suits

        Through tens of years’ constant exploration and sediment, Zhongtian Clothing has possessed its own set of unique technology in the production of business clothes, which is not only fit, comfortable, but also the outline is smooth with strong perspective. It has realized scale customization of business clothes with high quality, wined wide supports from all fields of society and customers’ wide praise and the business has spread to many industries such as banks, aviation, telecom, public transportation, electric power, hotel, market, etc., as well as hundreds of enterprises and public institutions.

        Advanced tailor-made

        According to enterprise customer’s industrial characteristics, occupational images and enterprise culture, designing team of Zhongtian Clothing will supply corresponding professional uniform scheme. After customers determine the scheme, we will send professional technicians to your company for customer-tailing and bring closing-fitting comfort and accuracy of the data into the fullest play.

        International trade

        At the same time of learning the popular trend of the world’s clothes, Zhongtian Clothing grasps opportunities to conduct business negotiations with foreign clothing companies actively and absorbs essence of advanced clothes field of Europe and America. So far, we have built trade cooperative relationship with more than ten countries and developed great cause commonly. Moreover, we take part in foreign trade platforms such as Canton Fair and clothes exhibition to strive for cooperative chances with more brands.

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