Found this on the dailies about where people like to go for some tourism Malaysia vacations. Of course to each their own Malaysia travel destination holiday, but nothing like a survey to find out what they like about Malaysia best, yes?

However this survey is rather skewed as it focused on Arab travellers to Malaysia. So tourist from say, Europe, Americas, Asia might be different and of course good old tourist from Malaysia may also want they own travel when going for some cuti-cuti Malaysia!

Let’s see what were the results of the survey.

Of the 4,172 respondents:

1,471 (35.25%) prefer going for Malaysia island escapades, places like Pulau Redang, Perhentian Island, and Pulau Tioman are some of the favourite Malaysia island resort to head out for some beautiful sun, sea and sand!

Next in line, 1,139 (27.29%) prefer Malaysia highlands hill resorts, somewhere nice a cool like Genting Highlands, Fraser’s Hill and Cameron Highlands (my favourite highland escapade!).

Many beautiful gardens and greenery in Malaysia

The Arab tourists like to experience Malaysia culture as well as eco-tourism with visit to East Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak where lots of adventure travel could be found there. Hey, Peninsular Malaysia also has enough virgin forest so don’t forget about West Malaysia too!

57.01% (2,379) prefers ecotourism over that of shopping, spa and wellness programmes, diving and golfing. Perhaps greenery is high on their list, after all you don’t get to see much of that in the Middle East.

And talking about Malaysia food, looks like 911 respondents (21.83%) love to try out our fabulously delicious food rather than doing all that shopping with the Mega Sale Carnival. Hmmm… perhaps their culture is different from that of the Asian who likes to shop, shop, shop!

And don’t forget Malaysia has many night market bazaars which is always a good draw for many tourists, be it from overseas or locals!

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