Looking for hotel in Cameron Highlands? There are indeed many hotel Cameron Highlands despite the number of visitors is less than that of Genting Highlands, however by far amongst all the Malaysia highlands around, they have the most number of hotels, accommodations and apartments.

Hotel Cameron Highlands collage

Choice of hotel Cameron Highlands range from the luxurious star rated hotels, to affordable mid-range and the very cheap budget guesthouse. And of course for a little taste of Malaysia culture, you could go for homestay too.

Choosing a Hotel in Cameron Highlands

Hotel Cameron Highlands are scattered all over the place and new ones are being built even as I write this article about hotels in Cameron Highlands. Perhaps too many are being built that Cameron Highlands is getting overdevelop. And the authorities are not doing anything to preserve the natural environment, not doing their homework about the environmental impact on such development and simply approving projects here and there.

For the tourist, choosing a suitable hotel is of course a matter of preference. What I write is just a simple guide as to where to choose to stay because Cameron Highlands is not a small place! Unlike Genting where all the hotels are clustered together, the Cameron Highlands hotels and accommodations are spread out all over the place.

The basic choice of accommodation in terms of geographic location would be in Tanah Rata, Brinchang and the countryside between Tanah Rata and Brinchang as these are the most central location in Cameron Highlands. Spreading out further there are hotels like Hotel Equatorial Cameron Highlands located at Kea Farm and Lakehouse Cameron Highlands located near to Ringlet several smaller hotels and accommodations too.

For those who can afford it and want some luxury or ambience in their hotel stay, your choice would be the star rated hotels such as YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, Equatorial Cameron Highlands, Strawberry Park Resort, Heritage Hotel, Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel and Smokehouse Hotel. The Century Pines Resort, Hotel Rosa Passadena and the latest Casa Dela Rosa hotel are also worth considering for a very comfortable stay in this popular Malaysia highlands.

Some Hotel Cameron Highlands Highlights

YTL Cameron Highlands Resort uses the upper class English gentlemen theme. Of course with such a high price tag, there is no other way to be treated as such. Most rooms go from upwards of US$250 per night. However they do have some packages from time to time. Just need to call them directly and inquire. They also style themselves as a spa village offering various locally flavoured day spa for your relaxation need. And of course, they capitalized heavily on the Jim Thompson mystery and even have Jim Thompson House souvenir shop where you can buy the famous Jim Thompson silk without having to go to Bangkok.

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel is located a little out of the way from the central area of Cameron Highlands. Located between Ringlet and Habu, sitting atop a hill and facing the Sultan Abu Bakar Ringlet Lake. Lakehouse Cameron Highlands was built by an eccentric Englishman, Colonel Stanley Foster whom incidentally also built the Smokehouse Hotel. It has very charming English Tudor architecture and a very English interiors that makes you feel as though you’ve been transported back to olden days of English countryside cottages. The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands is managed under the Concorde Hotel Group and you can inquire with them for weekend package stays.

Smokehouse Hotel is similarly built like the Lakehouse, after all it was designed by the same person, Colonel Stanley Foster. It has a countryside cottage charm with its Tudor styled architecture and very English furnishing. They are located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang next to the Cameron Highlands public golf course. They have less rooms available than Lakehouse and are fully booked most of the time.

Casa Dela Rosa is modern hotel, with very modern looking bedrooms. Slightly Tudor styled in trying to keep the English Tudor theme. Located between Tanah Rata and Brinchang it has very convenient location.

Equatorial Cameron Highlands is located on the pinnacle of the main road in Cameron Highlands and has an elevation of 1600m. Considered the as the hotel with the highest elevation in Cameron Highlands. It is a modern hotel with hotel room and apartment accommodation available for booking. They are located at Kea Farm so you have easy access to the market just next to the entrance of the hotel. However they are a little wee out of the way from Brinchang and especially Tanah Rata. No matter, they are near to Boh Sg Palas Tea Plantation as other sights and attractions in Cameron Highlands.

Strawberry Park Resort is hidden away in the lush jungle of Cameron Highlands. The hotel is access via a junction next to the golf course. After a short winding road you will reach the Strawberry Park Resort with their flowing bougainvilleas flowers from the hotel room balconies.

Heritage Hotel is located in Tanah Rata itself and located next to the convent school on hilltop overlooking Tanah Rata town. Greenhill Apartment is sharing the same compound as the hotel though under different management. They are just normal star rated hotel with mock Tudor architecture.

Century Pines Resort is very conveniently located in Tanah Rata next to the children playground opposite the bus terminal. It is just a few minutes walk away from Tanah Rata main street. Century Pines Resort is a very comfortable hotel, though not in keeping with any theme, however it felt it has a bit of a Chinaman touristy hotel type feel to the place. Ground floor rooms are open to the simple grass garden and do make for refreshing stay.

Some of the above hotels are not at all cheap! They can really burn a hole in your pocket. But if you are giving your spouse a treat or a wedding anniversary gift, it could be well worth the money spent.

Above are hotel Cameron Highlands highlights are the star rated and premium hotels in Cameron Highlands for the discerning traveller. For those who wish to keep down their budget during their stay and look for hotel Cameron Highlands that are cheaper, there are plenty to around too, but the above are of course for the more discerning visitors!

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