Unlike other Malaysian highlands, there are many hotels in Cameron Highlands ranging from the ridiculously expensive hotels to mid-range affordable accommodations and the very cheap budget guesthouse and lodging. Apart from hotels, apartments in Cameron Highlands are very popular too. And for a taste of a little colonialism, try looking for bungalows in Cameron Highlands. The choice of hotels may be many, but come a long weekend with public holidays attached or even school holiday breaks, and you will find it very difficult to get any hotels in Cameron Highlands at all. That’s how popular Cameron Highlands that some tour agency who failed to get proper bookings end up with their tourist sleeping in the bus!

Hotel Cameron Highlands collage


Book your accommodation well in advance as much as one month ahead if the weekend that you are planning is one those long weekends. Even then you find they are very quickly snap up even if the hotel that you choose is not a good one. Desperation leads people to stay anywhere!

I have a directory list of hotels in Cameron Highlands that I have compiled for my other website; I just reproduce here for this Malaysia Travelnet website which you can use. Since most hotels in Cameron Highlands are family run they are not as technical savvy, email address may change along the way so the best way is to just publish their telephone contact since that is pretty much more permanent than email address.

I have marked the location such as [TR] for Tanah Rata, [B] for Brinchang, etc so you can have an idea of the hotel location in Cameron Highlands. Personally I prefer accommodation located in Tanah Rata because of ample parking space. However good towns to stay are just Tanah Rata and Brinchang and places near to either of these towns. As for hotels in Ringlet, Tringkap, Kampung Raja and Kuala Terla are just too far away for any convenience but if you went up without any bookings and so happen it is the peak period, you may have no choice but to look for your accommodation in these places as well.

  • Arabella Holiday Home Bungalow [TR] +6012-2792598/+603-58911658
  • Aunt Annie’s House [T]
  • Bala Holiday Chalet [C] +605-4911660
  • Brinchang Hotel [B] +605-4911755/491212
  • Cameronian Inn [TR] +605-4911327
  • Casa Dela Rosa [C] +605-4911333
  • Casa Della Jarzmin Apartment [TR] +605-4850012
  • Century Pines Resort [TR] +605-4915115
  • Chua Gin Hotel [B] +605-4911801
  • Country Lodge [B] +605-491811
  • Cool Point Hotel [TR] +605-4914914
  • Daniel’s Travellers Lodge (Kang) [TR] +605-4915823
  • De’ La Ferns Hotel [C] +605-4914888
  • Equatorial Cameron Highlands [KF] +605-4961777
  • Father’s Guest House [TR] +605-4912484
  • Flora De Cottage [B] +605-4911700
  • Golden Night Hotel [B] +6019-3870865/+6013-5077744
  • Green Garden Hotel [B] +605-4915824
  • Heritage Hotel [TR] +605-4913888
  • Highlanders Budget Hotel/Apartment [TR] +605-4914934
  • Hill Garden Lodge [B] +605-4912808
  • Hillview Inn [TR] +605-4912915
  • Hotel De’ La Ferns [C] +605-4914888
  • Hotel Flora De Cottage [B] +605-4911700
  • Hotel Green Garden [B] +605-4915824
  • Hotel Iris [B] +605-4911588
  • Hotel Kavy Boutique [B] +605-4915652
  • Hotel Plastro [B] +605-4911801
  • Hotel Rainbow [B] +605-4914628
  • Hotel Rosa Passadena [B] +605-491228
  • Hotel Sentosa [B] +605-4915492
  • Hotel Titiwangsa [B] +605-4901188/9
  • Hotel Wira Awan [B] +605-4914251
  • Jasmine Hotel [B] +605-4911588/4688
  • Jurina Hill Lodge [TR] +605-4915522
  • Iris Hotel [B] +605-4911588
  • Kang Travellers Hotel and Lodge [TR] +605-4915823
  • KRS Pines / Twin Pines [TR] +605- 4912777
  • Kowloon Hotel [B] +605-4911366/4912122
  • Lakehouse Cameron Highlands [C] +605-4956152/42
  • Lido Hotel [B] +605-4911271
  • Papillon Hotel [B] +6013-5206439
  • Parkland Hotel [B] +605-4911299/399
  • Pines and Roses Hotel [B] +605-4912203
  • Raffles Country Inn (now is Bala’s Holiday Chalet)
  • Rosa Passadena Hotel [B] +605-491228
  • Rose Chalet [C] +605-4912787
  • Orient Hotel [TR] +605-4912868
  • Seah Meng Hotel [TR] +605-4911373
  • Sentosa Hotel [B] +605-4915492
  • Silver Star Hotel [B] +605-4911271
  • Smokehouse Hotel [C] +605-4911215
  • Sri Juliana Chalet [B] +605-4911461
  • Star Regency Hotel [B] +605-4915133
  • Strawberry Park Resort [C] +605-4911166
  • Titiwangsa Hotel [B] +605-4901188/9
  • Town House Hotel [TR] +605-4912868
  • Tudor Home Inn [B] +605-4901353
  • Twin Pines / KRS Pines [TR] +605- 4912169
  • YTL Cameron Highlands Resort [C] +605-4911100

[B] = Brinchang
[TR] = Tanah Rata
[T] = Tringkap
[KF] = Kea Farm
[C] = Countryside

The above hotels in Cameron Highlands is not the complete directory list as there are some obscure ones hidden away. The homestays accommodations is also not listed above. I will have to compile them another day.

Some people after seeing the above list gave up trying to choose and start asking me which hotels in Cameron Highlands they should stay. For most mid-range price between RM100 to RM200, I would recommend the star rated hotels as those are managed with a certain amount of service level that you would expect. However if you want to have a warm homely feeling, you would be surprise the cheap budget ones going for RM10 to RM80 would be the ones you should go for.

And of course homestays accommodation are run with a different criteria where you get to stay in a typical Malay kampong style house which include some local kampong activities to get a feel of the Malaysian culture and hospitality. Other than that, most hotels in Cameron Highlands that you choose will of course depend on your budget. You can splurge then spend it on those premium hotels like YTL Cameron Highlands Resort or Lakehouse Cameron Highlands. For the rest of us, well I go mostly for mid-range hotels if there is just a couple of us and sometimes go for apartments when the entire family clan wants to go to Cameron Highlands for a vacation break!

Do a bit of finger work and call them up to inquire for the rates. That’s what I did last time when I went to Cameron Highlands the first time. Of course now you have the internet to check up the background of the above hotels, back then internet was unheard of! And having a fax and telex machine was like the most sophisticated communication device ever! So call up those hotels in Cameron Highlands and see if you can get a good deal!

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