Hotels in Kuala Lumpur


Looking for hotels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia? In any vacation trip, the first thing in mind for travel destination planning is to look for Kuala Lumpur accommodations. Where to stay? Which Kuala Lumpur hotel, Kuala Lumpur resorts or Kuala Lumpur lodging to consider.

If you got the budget and money to spare, then any five to six star hotels like KL Hilton, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, J.W. Marriot Hotel would definitely be no problem. Who wouldn’t want to stay in such highly star rated hotels in Kuala Lumpur?

I certainly would love to stay in any of the above classy accommodations. Luxurious resorts and oh, that would really be pampering. Well not all of us are that rich and we may still have to find cheap hotels in Kuala Lumpur to make that dollar stretch…!

Kuala Lumpur cheap hotels could be found too. There are many budgets accommodations, one star, two stars, three stars, or if really tight on the budget, no star! Perhaps you are a backpacker, one of those University graduates who would like to see the world first on a shoestring budget, before embarking into the cut throat stressful corporate lifestyle. Then again if you enjoy your Kuala Lumpur tourism so much you may want to stay on and start something. Anything is possible!

Cheaper accommodations can be found, may not be so impressive as the star rated Kuala Lumpur hotels, but as long as the room is clean, a nice shower, and clean sheets with air conditioning to keep cool during your dreamtime, what more do you want to ask for?

Kuala Lumpur is no small city, so I will start off with the main ones first and work my way down. If my discovery fits the bill, I will put it into my Kuala Lumpur Malaysia hotel directory list.

Let’s start of simply first. Listed below is the hotel directory of hotels in Kuala Lumpur and its corresponding contact telephone number. Hope you can find the right Kuala Lumpur accommodation!

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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