Kelantan Malaysia is located at the North-East of Peninsular Malaysia. Kelantan is considered as the most rustic of the East Coast States in the region. It is given the slogan as “Cradle of Malay Culture”. Though as far as doing a tourism cuti Kelantan, they may be a little out of the way if you are travelling there by road, don’t be surprise Kelantan is a rather busy state despite the distance from the infrastructure of the West Coast region.

Kelantan is mixture of quaint villages, small towns and river village settlement. Its close proximity to South Thailand meant there is much business transaction along the Malaysia-Thai border. Intriguingly the women folk of Kelantan are quite a powerhouse entrepreneurs! A trip to the local market and you would observe their ability to handle their own.

Sunset in Malaysia

Kota Bharu is the state capital of Kelantan. Located near the seaside at the northern part of Kelantan Malaysia. A visit to Kota Bharu and you would find quite a hustle and bustle of activities. Kota Bharu may be a simple town for a tourism visit so heading out to other areas of Kelantan for some interesting exploration of Malay villages with houses built on stilts and do find that their roofs are covered with thatched roofs rather than the modern roofing tiles or zinc sheets. Still keeping with the good old tradition of house making. And if you are wondering about the houses on stilts, when the yearend monsoon comes, the rain pours incessantly and with the house raise from the ground it helps to a certain extend to prevent flood waters entering the houses.

Kelantan is not just coastal state, heading down south, you will meet up with the highlands of Malaysia as well as find the alternate entry to Taman Negara, the Malaysian National Park. A winding trunk road travelling through many Kelantan towns would bring you to Gua Musang, one of the more well known town in Kelantan that would take you on a road that leads to Cameron Highlands.

If you have a strong spirit of adventure you can try hiking in the Kuala Koh National Park located on the south of Kelantan bordering with Pahang state, or scale the imposing Mount Stong located in central Kelantan.

Perhaps you would prefer to immerse yourself with Malay culture then look for various homestay Kota Bharu Kelantan and other homestay in various parts of Kelantan.

Have a cuti Kelantan Malaysia travel where you can experience the rustic charm and culture of Malaysia!

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