City of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia viewed from a distance.

Travel to Kuala Lumpur tourism Malaysia, a melting pot of cultures in the hot humid tropics of Malaysia. The capital city of Malaysia; where tall modern buildings juxtapose with old Victorian colonial style shops, and mish-mash of interesting historical Moorish and Moghul-styled landmarks.

Welcome to Kuala Lumpur! A place where you can find something new, something old, side by side even as the pace of modernization is ever increasing and of course, brings with it the hustle and bustle of city life. The traffic jams, the ultra sophisticated shopping malls, a mix of cultures living harmoniously together.

Let me take you around the place where I grew up and show you where you can go for sightseeing, the bazaars, for shopping, the Malaysian food, and even for some interesting nightlife. And of course travel writing is not complete with some interesting personal anecdotes, good review, bad reviews, of course in the end, you can’t just visit Malaysia without having a plan for Kuala Lumpur tourism. This Kuala Lumpur city could very well be your first stop as you make it your base for your holiday travel destination.

The haphazard development do make Kuala Lumpur a little difficult to navigate with the ever constant road upgrading works as the city council try to figure out the best way to direct traffic smoothly, plan your trip well and you could maximize the best of your available time to explore this beautiful multicultural city.

Kuala Lumpur Nightview

From Kuala Lumpur, to the rest of Malaysia cities, from the beautiful sunny beaches to the cool mountain Malaysia highlands as you explore the sights and sounds and experience the local culture.

With a population approximating 2 million, Kuala Lumpur is no small city; it has grown over the years and has joined with several other township like Petaling Jaya (which is also a city by the way), Rawang, Puchong.

Going on holiday is not just about looking at interesting places, old museums and interesting architectures and buildings. It is also about interacting with the people, be a little adventurous and try out local delicacies, not just those safe and expensive hotel foods in Malaysia, but to actually eat Malaysia food like the locals do! As they said, “In Rome, do as the Romans do!”

So come explore this little corner of the world, travel to Malaysia, and make up your own tour and travel around for Kuala Lumpur tourism. You may as yet discover more things than even I could write out some Kuala Lumpur tourism into this little website.

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