The Logos Hope ship is the world largest floating book fair and it has come to the shores of Malaysia. It was an intriguing experience to drop and discover what it was all about. It is a good outing for family and for this trip, not only my wife and son went, my mom and sister also tag along.

Logos Hope Ship in Port Kelang

Idea behind the floating book ship

The idea behind the floating book ship is to bring hope, knowledge and foster good relationship and friendship to wherever she goes. It is to transform not only individual lives but also communities and bring new hope in this world.

Around 1963, they were using old and battered trucks in India to distribute books to people. But found that it was a grueling two month trip. Someone suggested using a ship, and thus a ship of hope was born. It was a good idea as the ship sailed, the people who distributed the books could train and study while sailing

Logos Hope is part of OM ships it is the second of such ships sailing around the world. There is now a third ship called the Logos Hope II as well.

Logos Hope Ship map to Port Kelang Cruise Centre

Getting There in Port Kelang

We started out our journey early on a Saturday morning in our Toyota Wish. Managed to cram everybody in as we made our journey from Subang Jaya to Port Kelang. We used the Kesas Highway and followed the direction to Pulau Indah. The Logos Hope is located in the Port Klang Cruise Centre (formerly known as Star Cruise Terminal, West Port). The drive takes about an hour as the speed limit for the Kesas Highway is 90 kph. On some occasion there may be speed trap during the morning, so I drove according to the speed limit which was rather slow considering that this was a highway. You could take your chances and drive at a faster speed which many do.

Arriving at Logos Hope

Logos Hope Ship Book FairGoing there early was a good idea as the queue was short and there was ample parking space at the port. It was a great outing for many families, and many took opportunity to snap photos with ship at the background as did we! Although the ship looked big from the outside, I know from past experience going for cruise holiday, the actual amount of living space is much less, especially for areas open to the public.

The entrance fee was just a simple RM1 per entry and free for children below 12 years old.

Layout of the ship area open to the Public

Upon walking up the gangway, entering the Logos ship, there is the Welcome lounge area with a large projector screen to introduce about OM ships and what they do. Around the welcome area there also photos of where Logos Hope has been and some intriguing seafaring equipment such as telescope, barometers, and a sextant too!

Moving on to the bow of the ship is where the book fair is located. The book fair holds over 5,000 titles of books covering a diverse range of topics including science, sports, cookery, children titles as well music CDs too. It is arrange in the shape of a U so you would turn back to the port side of the ship. Towards the port side there are many children books and that’s where my16 months old son had a gala time pulling them out of the shelves and browsing through! I had to pick up after him as at this age he still didn’t know about keeping things neat after him!

Logos Hope Ship International CafePassing through the checkout counters there is an exhibition area entitled the Journey of Life is a picture board story about the prodigal son on his journey through life facing with ills of world and making important choices and on getting on the right track for a proper living.

The next section was a mini theatre and after that section is the best part of all for me! The International café where I settle down for coffee and cookies! You could also go for pop corn and ice-cream and other type of drinks like chocolate drink or tea. There was a little children play corner within the international café and my son had a good time fiddling with the toys as do many other children!

The layout is main public area, towards the aft of Logos Ship, there is also a hall where stage performance for children and a lecture hall for those attending some seminars. Tickets for such are done through private association and are not readily available to the public.

Logos Hope Ship deck layout

Some Logos Ship Trivia

Logos Hope stage performance for childrenDid you know Logos Hope has …

  1. 400 crew members coming from over 45 nationalities
  2. welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors
  3. visited 40 countries and 58 ports

Some of the ports it has gone this year:

  • 25 May – 21 Jun Kochi, India
  • 29 Jun – 18 July Galle, Sri Lanka
  • 18 July – 22 July Hambantota, Sri Lanka
  • 25 July – 12 Aug Visakhatnam, India
  • 17 Aug – 28 Aug Phuket, Thailand
  • 29 Aug – 27 Sep Penang, Malaysia
  • 29 Sep – 23 Oct Port Kelang, Malaysia
  • 28 Oct – 14 Nov Kuching, Malaysia
  • 18 Nov – 4 Dec Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

By lunch time, the Logos Ship was very crowded and full of people from all walks of life! Being a weekend it was a good opportunity for family bringing along their children to see and explore the ship and book fair. It was a good time for me and my family too! However it was time to bid adieu as we proceeded to Teluk Gong for our lunch!

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