Malaysians just love to eat! You can never go hungry as Malaysia food is available 24/7. From fast food outlets like McDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC, Kenny Rogers Restaurant, to upmarket franchises and local kopitiam franchises, as well as low cost budget eateries like food court, coffee shops and Mamak shops and stalls.During the day like any place in the world, you should not have any problem looking for restaurants and eateries. You can find them in shopping malls if you are in the major cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor Baru, etc. Or find them in shops or even huts and make shift stalls!

Malaysia Food


And at night into the wee hours of the night, you could hang out in Mamak shops and stalls. Pretty much a Malaysian culture to go out late at night with friends to have supper and a cup of teh tarik. Mamak is a group of Indian that operate these food stalls serving Indian food, the most popular and commonly ordered would be roti chanai or Indian bread and washed down with a cup of frothy tea which we call it teh tarik. Mamak can be Muslim or Hindu, and the majority of such Mamak shops are of Indian origin.

Because of our mixed culture of Malay, Chinese, Indians we are blessed with a wide variety of Malaysia food. And of recent there are many more imported food choices bringing even more variety to please your palate and satisfy your hunger.

However if you want to just try the typical Malaysian food then these are some of the favourites that are enjoyed by the local Malaysians.

Malay food:

Malaysia food - Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak – A Malay food consisting of rice cooked with coconut oil for the extra fragrance. Cheap and simple ones are usually packed in banana leaves and brown paper shape like pyramid cone and the rice is complemented with anchovies which we call them ikan bilis, some nuts and a few slices of cucumber and a bit of sambal for the added kick for its spiciness. For the more presentable ones which are also pricier, apart from the above ingredients a piece of curry chicken will be included in the mix.

Chinese food – there are way too many varieties to list them down but some of the local favourites includes:
Malaysia food - Hainanese Chicken Rice

  • Hainanese Chicken Rice where the rice is cooked with the oil obtained from the cooked chicken. The chicken may be steamed or roasted. Served with some cucumbers and a bowl of soup.
  • Cha Koay Teow – fried noodles with eggs, beansprout, prawns and clams. Has very good aroma but very oily. Some chilli spice may be added to the mix.
  • Wan Tan Noodle – long thin noodles served with char siew (roasted pork) and Wan Tan (meat wrap in thin skin of flour reminiscence of clouds, which is how the name was derived). Usually served in a plate with black source, but if you prefer in a bowl of soup, they can accommodate to your request.
  • Prawn Mee – The best Prawn Mee are from Penang. Noodles in a bowl of spicy soup with some prawns and chicken slices and a large spoonful of spicy chilli.

Indian Food – Apart from the roti chanai which many of us like, they have other varieties of interesting food including:

  • Nasi Briyani, which is rice cooked with various spices and herbs giving it a yellow colour. Some varieties are cooked with chicken.
  • Banana Leaf Rice – white rice served on a banana leaf (yes, no plates, and using real banana leaf placed on the table!) with a mix of vegetables. Additional side orders like fish, chicken, beef, and mutton can be ordered together and charged separately. You may eat as much rice as your stomach can fill without additional charge but I doubt you can eat that much!
  • Apart from the ever popular roti chanai, Indian food also has the Naan which are bread baked in a ceramic urn; this would be healthier than roti chanai as they don’t use oil to bake it. And they have thosai, a thin Indian bread that may be served with or without herbs. All these may be served with a variety of Indian curry of your choice, usually the main curries served are dahl, a thick sweet source made from potatoes and corn; chicken curry or fish curry are the other curries served. For added kick to your order, you can ask for sambal!

A typical local coffee shop in MalaysiaThe above are just a sampling of the local Malaysian food that you can find all around Malaysia. There are lots of choices, and it would take a long time to try them all out! Some you may like, some maybe not to your palate, as far as tourism Malaysia food, this would be like a food adventure and would give you a taste of what kind of local food in Malaysia that we Malaysian eat everyday!

Of course if you have enough of it, you can take a break and run to the various eateries serving Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Western, etc food. But do give a try for the local Malaysia food a try before crying surrender from all the spiciness!

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