Feeling the heat of the tropics? Then head out to the Malaysia Highlands to get some respite from the hot tropical climate of Malaysia weather. Yes, you can go for Malaysia islands or beaches for a vacation break, but we Malaysians have always had good old sunny days all year round. And the only way to escape the heat without going overseas to a temperate climate country during spring time or autumn is to head out to the hills.

Malaysia Highlands

We have mountain ranges in the central area of Peninsular Malaysia and definitely lots of mountain ranges in East Malaysia. Going overseas is rather too far away and require specific season like spring and autumn. Winter is too cold for us, and summer we have it here all year round. So the hills it is then. They are nearby, and we don’t have to take an extended leave to go on a local Malaysia vacation.

There are a number of Malaysia highlands resorts which we can go for our Malaysia vacation. They are very popular with the locals as well as Singaporeans. And come weekend, the highlands will be thronged full of people enjoying the cool mountain fresh air.

The Malaysia Highlands includes:

  • Genting Highlands
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Fraser’s Hill (Bukit Fraser)
  • Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut)
  • Berjaya Hills (Bukit Tinggi)
  • Bario Highlands
  • Kundasang area in Sabah

Each Malaysia Highlands have their own flavour and activities. You want pure entertainment then go for Genting Highlands with its casinos, outdoor amusement parks and matinee shows. This is a favourite quick vacation getaway for KL folks because of its close proximity. It takes only about one hour drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre. Easily each weekend it gets very crowded as it is the most accessible of the Malaysian highlands.

For some green soothing environment and some jungle expedition, then head off to Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Maxwell Hill, or the highlands in East Malaysia.

For a little culture, head off to Berjaya Hills where they have French replica village called Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Zen Garden where you can experience the art of green tea.

For really quiet, and I mean really quiet time at the hills, Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut) is where should go far from the maddening crowd. The place is so deafening quiet you could hear pin drop fall. It may be too boring for some as there is not much you can do here, but this is the place to be if you want to avoid doing anything strenuous.

On the other hand, you want to do a little something while viewing something soothing then head out to Cameron Highlands, the vegetable basket of Malaysia.

Farms abounds here a plenty supplying practically Malaysia and Singapore the daily vegetable needs. In here too they have the soothing green fields of tea plantation. Enjoy a cup of tea as you admire the beautiful panoramas of tea spread out over in the tea plantation. This is one of my favourite travel destinations and has return to this place year after year just to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

As for East Malaysia, it is a little way off for me to do some exploration. I have passed by Kundasang in Sabah and it was mention to be equivalent to Cameron Highlands as that was where their vegetables are grown.

And there is the Bario Highlands in Sarawak. I will have to dig out more information about these other highlands located in East Malaysia. So hope to post out more information as time goes by.

Nevertheless, just Malaysia highlands alone there is so much to discover. But my favourite is still Cameron Highlands.

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