Hari Raya Puasa holidays was just finished, and it was back to the office. It was still rather quiet as many people has taken extended leave to go on vacation with the family. Coupled with school holidays, this was a good opportunity to get away from the busy work days. Still it came as a surprise in my inbox when I received the Malaysian Public Holidays for year 2014!

It was kinda early as were only 8 months into the year. I would have thought I received this by around October. Anyway, since I have it, may as well post it up.

You may download the 2014 public holiday list here.
(Right Click and select save as, apologies if it wouldn’t show up on your browser)

The holiday list include both the Federal gazetted holidays and the State holidays. This list is in Malay, so my humble apologies for non-Malay proficient visitors if you were not able to read it easily.

Festival of lights, Hari Raya Puasa lights decoration at The Curve shopping mall

This time round the Chinese New Year falls on Friday, 31st January and Saturday, 1st February. Personally I don’t like public holidays falling on Saturdays as under labour law, the holidays are not replaced. As an employee, we have lost a holiday opportunity. Usually working employees lose about 3 public holidays in year when it falls on Saturday.

As for the Hari Raya Puasa holidays, it falls neatly on Monday and Tuesday on the 28th and 29th July respectively. Most people and manufacturing companies would take opportunity to take leave for the week or close shop for the week and give everyone a well deserved holiday break.

For overseas tourist, when it comes to selecting the best time period to visit Malaysia, you preferably avoid long weekends as that is when the locals would take opportunity to go for a local vacation trip. Usually long weekends are preferred time period for Malaysians to go on a holiday as it would not disrupt the timetable of school going children.

As for school semester break, most parents would go for vacation abroad as those time period are best suited for travel vacation tour of another country. If on the hand, due to budget constraint, many would travel locally. Some popular places like Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, Port Dickson, Penang, Melaka, etc could get pretty crowded.

As there are no summer and winter holiday breaks here in Malaysia (after all, it is year round eternal summer in Malaysia!), you have to take note on the school holidays semester break when planning your visit here.

As for the School holidays break period. I will post it up and add on to this post when I have it.


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