You can get a map of Kuala Lumpur for free when you stay in any of the star rated hotels in Kuala Lumpur. You need to ask for it at the reception check in counter. If you don’t ask, they won’t give. I don’t know why they don’t display the free maps of Kuala Lumpur prominently. Perhaps us locals also grab a copy just because it is free I suppose. Unlike in Singapore, you can easily find them at the hotel counter. If you need it, just take it.

Hopefully the local Kuala Lumpur hotels would just prop it up prominently together with all the other brochures, after all without the Kuala Lumpur map, how to promote tourism Malaysia-lah!

Of course for the budget Kuala Lumpur hotels, they may not have been supplied such Kuala Lumpur city map, then you just need to head over to the local bookstores and buy a copy. Look for the handy easy to carry ones, the big heavy map are more detailed ones and more useful if you plan to drive around in Kuala Lumpur city.

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Anyway, attached in this web page is a Google map of Kuala Lumpur for you to have a brief idea about KL city. You could also use Yahoo map too. Both Google map and Yahoo map is quite accurate and up to date with regards to the Kuala Lumpur city. However, when you go to the outskirts and rural areas, then the both the online maps become less accurate and less detailed.

Kuala Lumpur is simply divided into three main areas, namely The City Centre, The Golden Triangle and Heritage Colonial Core area. You can find out more at the Getting Around page in this website.

General map guides also can be obtained for free at any of the Tourism Board of Malaysia. But those are usually very general and not very detailed but could give you a starting point on how you wish to plan your travel in Kuala Lumpur city.

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