Melaka is steep with Malaysia history, it is almost always one of the main historical subject studied in school. Historical story abounds about this famous port in the old days where the merchant traders from the west known as Saudagar will travel to Malacca to meet with the merchant traders from the east from China. Melaka is an important middle meeting point as a trading center. Plus the relatively calm Straits of Malacca makes it a safe haven for ships to anchor. In addition, the popular history of Sultanate of Malacca is much more often studied than many other Malaysia histories of other states.

Melaka, or Malacca, the alternate English spelling version, was established in 1403. It has many historical building many still standing despite the many centuries of tussle for control for this important trading port. In fact this place is home to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Melaka. Explore the various old world charms of its historical buildings and architecture as you travel around Malacca tourism. Because of the strategic and economic importance of Melaka, it has fallen into various hands throughout its history. Starting with the Portugese, then Dutch and finally into the hands of the British before becoming part of Malaya after the independence from colonial rule.

Because of the many influence of mixture of culture throughout the ages, an interesting new Malaysia culture came out of the confluence such as the famous Baba and Nyonya culture with its delicious cross cultural cuisine that is a hit amongst the locals and tourist alike.

Melaka Stadthuys

To immerse yourself into the daily life, you could try Melaka homestay accommodation. A homestay in Malaysia would let you experience what is like to live as a local, and learn about the lifestyle of living in a simple home. A homestay program accommodation is usually a village accommodation, unlike staying at hotels in Melaka. You may even pick up a living skill or a game while staying in one of the many homestay programs in Malaysia.

Of course if you prefer being near to all the sights and attractions of Melaka city, then choose one of the many international standard hotels, cosy inns and affordable budget hostels and backpackers guesthouses. Some of the upmarket hotels in Melaka that you can go for include the Avillion Legacy Hotel, Bayview Hotel Melaka, Renaissance Melaka Hotel, Equatorial Hotel Melaka, to name a few.

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As Melaka is a historical city, you could roam around exploring the various historical attractions from the famous red colour Dutch Stadthuys building, the Portugese A’Formosa fort or what’s left of it, well just the gate only, the St Paul Church in Melaka, and various other Museums where you can learn the history of Malacca.

Enough of stuffing your nose with historical facts? Then head out and away from Melaka city to the outskirts like Air Keroh area for some fun and recreation. Perhaps try the A’Famosa Resort in Alor Gajah for some splashing fun at the water theme park and visit the various other theme at the resort. Or perhaps visit the Zoo Melaka for those who like animals.

Perhaps shopping is more your style then wait till the evening when Jonker Street in Melaka comes alive with its night market bazaar where you can look for some souvenir and keepsakes of your cuti-cuti Malaysia travel holiday vacation.

So come visit Melaka for some tourism Malaysia fun!

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