Pahang is the largest state in West Malaysia with nearly two-thirds of the state still in its virgin rainforest jungle making its verdant lush greenery teeming with exotic wildlife. With vast greenery, Pahang state has several national parks to protect the habitat of the wildlife. Much is still to be explored. And of course because of its vast natural resources, timber is one of the economic activity that provides the Pahang state with revenue. Of course Pahang is also bless with oil and gas industry from the off-shore petroleum activities, but much of the interiors of Pahang is still in its pristine state. Having several national park help to preserve the eco-balance of its rich rainforest jungles.

Teluk Chempedak in Kuantan, Pahang

One of Pahang main attractions are the national parks, namely Taman Negara with its 130-million year old rainforest, Endau-Rompin State Park and several other national parks. Pahang is also home to the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia, the Gunung Tahan is challenging and requires about 7 days of hiking to reach the summit and return to base camp. Mount Tahan is more difficult than the higher summit Mount Kinabalu, which requires only a 2 day hiking!

Pahang state is also home to several popular Malaysia highlands resort – Cameron Highlands, Fraser’s Hill, Genting Highlands and Berjaya Hill Bukit Tinggi are popular vacation getaways for the locals and foreign tourist alike. With the mountainous hill ranges, the higher elevation provides a cooler climate in highlands providing relief from the relentless eternal summer climate of Malaysia.

Don’t like the cool highlands and jungle bashing? Fret not; there are many smashing Malaysia beaches and island one can head out for some fun in the sun! The popular idyllic Pulau Tioman off the east coast of Pahang where you can do snorkelling or if you got the scuba certificate you can go for scuba diving at the marine parks, explore the corals and swim with the fishes! Prefer to stick to the mainland? Then head out to Cherating, where you can find many cheap chalets and accommodation to luxurious hotels and resorts. If you prefer something different there is always Club Med Cherating.

The state capital of Pahang is Kuantan, located at the edge of Pahang state where many oil and gas companies have their refineries there. There is also a port in Kuantan though most of the goods are transported via the East Coast Highway connected to Kuala Lumpur. Travelling to the state capital is now very quick and easy with the East Coast Highway, however to travel to the various towns like Bentong, Raub, Termerloh, or even to Jerantut to Taman Negara requires driving via the smaller winding roads.

There are various activities and attractions in Pahang to suite varied visitors taste and preference. Pick your activities and choose your cuti-cuti Malaysia travel destination within Pahang from the cool Malaysia highlands to beautiful idyllic Malaysia beaches and Malaysia islands, there is something for everyone visiting the Pahang state!

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