Penang Malaysia, the Pearl of the Orient. A delightful fusion of East and West. You can find something to do here be it getting yourself a sun tan with its sun, sea and sand beaches, touring the various Penang attractions or simply savouring the delicious Penang food from the many seafood restaurants as well as street food.Penang is not just the island; it also comprises a portion of land on the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia totalling a1,045 square kilometre of land space. The Seberang Prai area on the mainland is just across the Penang Island connected via the Penang Bridge, the longest bridge in Asia and oldest cross-channel ferry services via Butterworth town on the mainland.

With the many elegant colonial building, Penang has now gained the UNESCO World Heritage Site status with many old eloquent building designated as such has attracted many tourist to admire the old English colonial architecture. Many of these old colonial buildings has been occupied with businesses ranging from the humble coffee shops, family run retail and old Chinese traditional medicine shops to small offices. Buildings that are given the UNESCO World Heritage Site status has been bought over and restored and of course given a new coat of paint to make it look sparkling splendid and of course tourism business will be given prominence for these sites to cater for tourism Malaysia activities.

Penang Komtar Building in Georgetown

Perhaps you prefer something more authentic than those UNESCO designated buildings you could still explore and walkabout Penang Island as there are really many old buildings around which may have better charm then the restored versions. Walk around and perhaps you might find a gem or two. Perhaps even stay in one as there are many accommodations and backpacker inns house in old colonial buildings around Penang.

Of course if you prefer the posh hotels in Penang there are many to choose from. Choice of hotels in Penang include hotels located in the Georgetown city centre or head out to the hotels located around the beaches in Tanjung Bunga to Batu Feringghi. Another interesting hotel is the one located on a little islet called Pulau Jerejak where the accommodations are set in the hills surrounded by greenery giving you a feeling of staying in an eco-hotel!

Penang road with old heritage buildingsThere are many Penang places of attraction to visit around. Have an overall view of Penang Island by going up the popular Penang Hill located at the centre of the island, accessible by funicular service. Or visit the intriguing Snake Temple where the snakes are docile and have picture of yourself taken with a snake curled around you!

Travel around the Penang Island and see the far side of island known as Balik Pulau and visit some fishing village along the coast. And if you are fortunate when the durian season is around, perhaps savour the Penang island Balik Pulau durian variety.

If going gallivanting is not your style than head out to the beaches at Batu Feringghi and relax under the sun with moist sea sand under your feet with the soothing swishing of sea waves breaking on the beaches. Mmm… does feel very relaxing indeed!

And of course if you are in Penang, you must try the various delectable Penang food from the tasty seafood cuisine that can be found in the many open air Chinese restaurants to upmarket luxury restaurants to the down to earth everyday people’s favourite hawker fare of Penang street food such as Chao Koay Teao, Hokkien Mee, Assam Laksa and many more that is surely to challenge your palate and tummy!

With so many interesting things to see, to do, and taste, certainly the Pearl of the Orient has many things to offer for the discerning visitor looking for variety for their Penang Malaysia travel destination exploration!

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