Perak is located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and covers about 21,000 square kilometres. Due to its easily accessible location, it is easy to do some Perak tourism if you are planning for some cuti-cuti Malaysia travel destination holiday!

A typical small town in Perak, Malaysia

The name Perak is interesting as it mean silver in Malay. Perhaps it was a misnomer though silver is not bountiful in this state, Perak does have a rich deposit of tin. In its heyday, tin was mine, processed and exported and was a good income for many of the residents and sprouted many towns that built their economy around tin mining industries. The famous Kinta Valley was one such fame location containing the world’s richest tin deposit. Then one day somewhere around the nineties if not mistaken, the tin ore prices came crashing down and that was the end of income derived from tin and the tin mining industry never recovered from that crashed till today.

You can still see many of the tin mining pools as you drive along the North-South Expressway on the way to Ipoh. You would have thought those were natural pools but are actually left over from the tin mining activities. Still the people moved on and develop other form of industry. Life goes on…

For Perak tourism, this state is unique; it still has a laid back feel to it, enough forest for those who want to go for an eco-adventure, beaches for those who want to relax by the seaside, for those who love Malaysian food, Ipoh is never short of that offering!

The jagged limestone formation around Ipoh town is an interesting sight and sort of reminds me of those jagged hills and mountain in one the China provinces; whereas these are just hills in comparison.

Some of the more interesting places in Perak apart from the Ipoh capital city is the fishing community and Malaysia island resort Pulau Pangkor island and the surrounding area of Lumut. It is also where one of the Malaysia naval bases is located in Lumut. Various interesting small towns and the famous leaning clock tower of Teluk Intan which was often compared to the famous leaning tower of Pisa as smaller version, haha! Making my way northwards, there is the royal town, Kuala Kangsar where the Sultan of Perak resides and of course the royal Perak museum too. Taiping and its rich colourful historical heritage and supposedly the wettest town in Peninsular Malaysia! And onwards northwards to Penang, another state in Malaysia.

For some eco-adventure there is the Gua Tempurong cave where you can do some spelunking and more than enough virgin jungle for some hiking adventures!

Let’s explore Perak and see what they have to offer in terms of Perak tourism!

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