Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia covering some 795 square kilometres. Perlis is located at the northernmost part of the Peninsular Malaysia sandwiched between Southern Thailand and Kedah. Perlis is characterised with many paddy fields much like its neighbouring state, Kedah. It has many rustic villages and beautiful natural scenery and very interesting outcrops of limestone hills. Perlis has an unhurried pace of life perhaps its distance in the far north of West Malaysia has left it somewhat behind in the development of modern industry. But that provides a very suitable tourism Malaysia travel activities as the natural surrounding makes a perfect place for some eco-tourism and the unhurried lifestyle is a place for some relaxation, away from the rat race so to speak.

Limestone hills

Kangar is the state capital of Perlis. A small quiet little town. While Arau, a mere 10km away is the royal town for Perlis. In terms of activities, there is not much to expect as it very quiet. It would be far better to head out to the countryside for your tourism Malaysia activities.

Some of the more interesting towns to visit are the border towns of Padang Besar and Wang Kelian. Bring along your passport here where you can actually hop over to Southern Thailand for quick visit though at the border town there may not be the requirement unless you need to venture deeper into Thailand. These towns are good place to do some shopping. In Padang Besar, visiting the Padang Besar Arcade and the duty-free Emas Kerajang Complex where you try your hand at bargain hunting for clothing, handicrafts and duty free items like cigarettes, perfumes and other souvenir items. While in Wang Kelian you could find yourself immersed in the local bazaars shopping for food, clothing, kitchen and you could find farm equipment for sale too though you may have no such need. After all Perlis is a simple state in Malaysia basically a farming community country.

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