Petaling Street (aka Kuala Lumpur China Town) is a hustle and bustle of street stalls selling all kinds of cheap “branded” goods, souvenir items and food stalls. Haggling for good price for the “branded” goods is common here, though you be lucky to get much discount from all the bargaining activities.

Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur China Town

Petaling Street has been synonymous as place where you could get imitation goods and at good price. Of course if you prefer to sit back in some coffee shop and take in all the hustle and bustle of activity while you are sipping some local coffee is possible. If not, join in the fun and scour for some good knock-offs and present it as a souvenir to your friends back home!

You are fortunate that this Kuala Lumpur China Town has been given a new facelift in 2003, costing about RM11.3 million complete with two large Chinese arches at both ends of the entrance and green Perspex roof to keep off the rain. Though the effectiveness of keeping out the rain is still questionable, when at one time I went with family members for a visit, the rain sort of splattered in during a heavy downpour.

Imitation watches sold at Petaling Street

Before the facelift, the Petaling Street was jam packed with stalls, and cars were able to drive in despite the narrow road. Later the traffic was barred and more stallholders were erected in the middle of the road. The recent new arrangement of having the stalls at the side with wider walking area was a much better idea and, well much better for visitors who wish to walkabout and browse around the popular Kuala Lumpur China Town.

One of the most popular items to be had in Petaling Streets is the branded replica watches. I find that they are not that cheap if compared to the not so famous but good watches like Seiko, Timex, Citizen, Casio, etc. But of course, where else can you get branded replicas like Tag Heuer, Dunhill, Rolex, and such? When my relative dropped by from London, they didn’t mind buying some as gifts for friends back home. I suppose the watches are well made, because they are pretty solid looking and felt quite good when I had I look. Anyway, knock-offs are not for me, though you could consider to have them just for fun!

Have some cool herbal drink in Petaling Street

Enough of bargain hunting, let’s go for some grub. Along the street you shouldn’t find a shortage of them. You can have some soya bean drinks or longan herbal drinks to cool off, fill your tummy with yummy Hokkien noodles, Wan Tan noodles, or Curry Laksa. Scout around and see what kind of hawker food that strikes your fancy. I’m sure you can find some interesting Malaysian food.

If you really like the hustle and bustle activities here, you could stay at the Swiss Garden Hotel located right in the centre area of Petaling Street. Ya, first first, shop your things, and then deposit them back at your hotel room to lighten your load before embarking further afield!

Perhaps buy some fuits in Petaling Street?

Getting There

The nearest train station is at Pasar Seni. It is a bit of a walking distance, but reachable in about 10+ minutes walk. Or you can take a local bus and get off at Kota Raya building provided they don’t stop too long at the earlier bus depot, in which case you might be better off walking over from the bus station.

Nearby sightseeing places

  • Pasar Seni (Central Market)
  • Heritage buildings along several streets including clan houses
  • Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
  • Old China Cafe
  • Old Victoria Institution
  • Old High Street Police Station
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