New RapidKL Bus Fares from 1st of September 2009. Instead of the usual flat rate or RM2 per day, RapidKL has adopted zoning system for its bus fares and payment is now per trip basis. It was back to their old per trip and zoning system. RapidKL has to change to this style of pricing to meet with rising cost. By doing so the daily commuters will end up paying more but they can minimize by purchasing monthly pass.

So for the Kuala Lumpur Tourism travelers who would like to plan for their travel budget, here’s the low down on the rates:

RapidKL Bus Fare

RapidKL has introduced four monthly passes including the Monthly Travel card for Tempatan buses (RM40) and a monthly concession card (RM50) for the seniors, disabled and students in uniform that is valid for all routes on the Tempatan, Bandar and Utama Servives.

The monthly Travel Integrated Card (RM150) is valid for all Tempatan, Bandar and Utama buses and both the Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT lines services while the Monthly Travel Card (RM100) is valid for the Tempatan, Bandar and Utama buses.

Another plus point is that the holder of the integrated pass, his spouse and four children under 15 can enjoy free rides on weekends and public holidays.

Passengers who used RapidKL’s services frequently were encouraged to get the monthly passes which offered savings of up to 50% compared with buying a ticket each time one boarded a bus.

For per trip costing, fares structure are per one way:
There are four category of buses, each with their own fare system.

Tempatan: RM1.00
Bandar: RM1.00
– Travel within a zone: RM1.00
– Across 2 zones: RM1.90
– Across 3 zones: RM2.50
– Across 4 zones: RM3.00
Express: RM3.80

Rates above in effect effective 1st September 2009.

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