Looking for a good dim sum food in Petaling Jaya? Try this Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong (or Kam Hin). Some of the best dim sum food in Malaysia. This is their third branch, and they are opening up a fourth branch soon. Such is their popularity. In fact, I have already eaten there twice ever since discovering it recently and it is quite near to my house too.

Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong

They originally started out in Kuchai Lama Enterpreneurs Park, some where in Old Klang Road area and they were known as Restaurant Kam Hin. From what I understand, the owners are from Hong Kong and have decided to come over to Malaysia and set up their Hong Kong Cantonese style dim sum food in Malaysia. And well, we Malaysians are such glutton for food, when we find a good place; we will call our friends and family to give it a try.

So come this New Year, we have our brunch at this Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong located in the Damansara Jaya area near to the Atria shopping complex. We called my brother-in-law who simply just loves having dim sum. Turn out that he already knew about this dim sum restaurant, well dim sum is one of his favourite meal after all.

And as usual where there is good Malaysia food, there will be a crowd. The restaurant however came up with a good system for their patrons to enjoy a good meal of dim sum without new patrons coming in trying to hunt down a table for meal and giving current eating patron an uncomfortable requirement to hurry up on their meal.

When you arrive, you approach the waiter at the doorway and register yourself and a number will be given to you. As soon as a suitable table is available, they will call you in to enjoy your meal.

The choices are many, in fact too many to describe. And the service was prompt with many waiters carrying their tray of dumplings like ha gau (prawn dumpling), siu mai, and various other dim sum varieties. For certain hot favourites like cha siew pau you could ask them to bring it over without waiting for the tray to make their rounds.

The usual favourites like chee cheong fun (rice rolled noodles), congee (which is rather smooth), ma lai ko (Malay soft sweet cake), all come steaming hot to your table.

And of course you can have a nice get together with your family or friends and have good quality time for fostering a better relationship without patrons standing around trying to look for empty table. So just relax and enjoy your meal and have a nice hot cup of Chinese tea, or perhaps several cups of hot Chinese tea. No hurry here. If your stomach still don’t feel satisfied, you could order another round of dumpling, dessert or whatever dim sum that capture your fancy.

Yes, this Restuarant Jin Xuan Hong Kong / Kam Hin sure made their mark on the Malaysia food scene, well at least in the Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya area anyway. Will we return to the place again? Yes, definitely.


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