Visit to Sabah, Malaysia and explore the stunning tropical islands and abundant nature for a truly exquisite Sabah tourism Malaysia travel! Sabah Malaysia is one of the popular travel destinations to East Malaysia. Sabah is given the nickname as the “Land below the Wind”. You can find a Sabah tourism suited to your Malaysian vacation holiday from relaxing tropical beaches, adventure diving and explore the marine life in the undersea kingdom, or head inland to explore some of Sabah varied ecological diverse nature or go underground for some spelunking adventure exploration!

My ascent to Mount Kinabalu!

If you have the stamina and physical fitness, you may attempt a two day climb of Sabah tourism most famous iconic Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain peak in Southeast Asia. I did the climb, it was tough and very well worth it!

Sabah has many pristine tropical Malaysian beaches whether located on the coast or perhaps visit the various Sabah Malaysia tropical islands such as the famous Sipadan Island. Don’t just relax with the sun, sea and sand! Take up diving and explore marine life too!

Sabah has a population of nearly 3.1 million people made up of 32 ethnic communities. The gateway to Sabah tourism is via the capital, Kota Kinabalu, which was known at one time as Jesselton. Kota Kinabalu is modern town as most of the city has been reconstructed after the second world war and only three surviving building was left after the war.

Lush jungle flora in Sabah, MalaysiaWith the lush jungle, there are indeed many national parks in Sabah with the most famous one, Kinabalu Park being the Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site which is also home to the Gunung Kinabalu. This is where you will head off to start on your two day journey of ascending and descending Mount Kinabalu.

Head out to the various towns dotted around Sabah and explore the culture and people of Sabah. Perhaps visit the Monsopiad Cultural Village in Kota Kinabalu to learn more about the feared Kadazan Warrior, Monsopiad who lived about 200 years ago and find out some interesting facts and information.

Head out to wildlife sanctuary and find out more about the local animals such as the Orang Utan and get up close and personal with these animals. Perhaps view the rangers feeding them as well too.

So make a date to visit to Sabah Malaysia for some Sabah tourism Malaysia travel destination holiday vacation!

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