Going for Sarawak tourism Malaysia travel destination? Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia covering an area of nearly 125,000 square kilometers in the Borneo land mass. With such a large land area, the population is hardly more than 2 million. Sarawak has one of the more verdant jungles strewn with massive natural formation. It is very difficult to traverse the interior of Sarawak and many of its inhabitants still rely on river to travel from one place to another.

For Sarawak tourism, the eco-tourism is good draw for many tourists who would like to explore the various natures and land formation as well immersing oneself on its rich cultural heritage. Visit the world’s largest cave chambers and explore the various flora and fauna. Many of the various national parks in Sarawak are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the large number of hornbills found in Sarawak, this Malaysia state is also given the name as “The Land of the Hornbills”.

Sarawak Cultural Village

The capital of Sarawak is Kuching, which means “Cat” in Malay. There were a number of explanations as to how this town was given the name of Kuching, and so the town played up with this name and set up various statues of Cats around the town. There is even a Cat Museum dedicated to our fellow feline friend. Just shows how catty this place is, yes?

For some Sarawak tourism, this state is really large and not easy to cover the various tourism Malaysia places. Though national parks featured widely. The main road only connects with the coastal area, and to travel towards the interior, one must travel by river or by air.

With such verdant treks of forest, timber concessionaires by and large are one of the more lucrative economies in this Malaysia state. Also to note the offshore petroleum especially around the Bintulu area contributes much to the Sarawak economy.

Cat in Kuching townIn the mid-19th century, Charles Darwin described Sarawak as “one great wild, untidy, luxuriant hothouse made by nature for herself”. Indeed, much of the interior of Sarawak is largely unexplored largely in part due to difficulty in traversing the rolling mountains and swathes of virgin forest. The local tribal group collectively known as the Dayaks is no longer backwards as they are gradually incorporated into the mainstream society. However if you want to know more about the various ethnic tribal group, a visit to the popular Sarawak Cultural Village is a must. This Sarawak Cultural Village is huge and would take as much as full day to explore the various tribal and local culture of Sarawak. You will get to see the various tribal cultures as well as their style of abode. Longhouse replica as well as traditional dance, way of life and even a chance to try out the blowpipes which are still in use in some parts of Malaysia for hunting prey!

So do come by for some Sarawak tourism Malaysia travel destination and explore the various parts of Sarawak, Malaysia for truly and unforgettable travel experience!

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