I do enjoy Japanese food. Sure, Sushi Tei is not Malaysia food, but they are very popular with Malaysians. There are many Japanese restaurants around in various parts of Malaysia and definitely much more in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. Sushi Tei in Tropicana City Mall is rather popular given that they open not so long ago. It was introduced to me by my parents who frequent Tropicana City Mall.

Sushi Tei Japanes Restaurant in Tropicana City Mall, Petaling Jaya

I gave it a try last Christmas and found their Japanese food fare to be of generous portion and at reasonable price too in comparison with other Japanese restaurant around that I have tried in various parts of KL and Petaling Jaya.

The service is pretty good too and they serve you pretty promptly. My wife who is rather particular about service commends their quick service and attendance to our various requests.

Sushi on conveyor belt systemJapanese food wise, we enjoyed their shashimi which are prepared fresh. Though they have the conveyor system to deliver sushi, I did not touch as I do not know how long the sushi has been going in their merry-go-round around the restaurant. Besides they have many interesting dishes in their menu to try out.

They have a wide variety of maki and California rolls. One of the nicer one is the soft shell crab maki. Nice and crunchy and not too hard. My wife liked the California rolls which are made fresh. They have to be, if kept too long the seaweed would become soggy, so a freshly made one would be nice and crispy for immediate consumption.

Sushi Tei's Cha Soba (Cold Green Tea Noodle)Once in awhile I like to go for cold noodles, and they have the buckwheat noodles and green tea noodles. For me, I like the cha soba, the green tea variety. It cost more than the zaru soba, but you know, green tea is supposed to be healthier. The interesting thing about their order is that it comes without the raw quail egg and garnish. After querying about it, they explained that many people don’t like the raw egg and thus it does not come with the order. You can add-on by adding another ringgit. Sounds logical, but I like to have the raw quail egg and garnish together with my cha soba. It took them awhile to prepare it. So this one must take note whenever having any cold noodle to order the raw quail egg and garnish, otherwise the your cold noodle will become warm by the time they came.

Eating cha soba or zaru soba is by way of throwing your raw quail egg and garnishes into the cold sauce, mix it all in with wasabi, and have kick out of it when you dip the cold noodle and eat it!

Sushi Tei's soft shell crab makiYou may need to put more wasabi as I find their wasabi to be less potent. My brother confirms it too. We like rush from the wasabi when we are having our shashimis and shushies!

If you are going for the shishamo, this one was a bit of disappointment. The pregnant fish needs a little more grilling as it was rather soft than crunchy. Though the taste was there, but the texture was not quite up to standard.

And if you find Sushi Tei Restaurant Japanese food to your liking, you should sign up for their membership card. I found their membership offer to be pretty good. So good that my dad and I signed up for it on separate visits.

Sushi Tei Japanese RestaurantIt may sound expensive at RM99, but they offer back RM120 of food voucher. Which means you are like getting a 20% discount however you can’t use it with your membership card together though. Your membership would get you 10% off from your bill. And on your birthday week your discount becomes 20%! Since my birthday was near, I took up their offer. Already I have eaten in Sushi Tei Restaurant about 3 times within signing up their offer. I think too much of good thing may just make me tire of it! But then I’m holding so many discount vouchers and such, well paid already, so have to make use of it!

Ok, so Sushi Tei may not be Malaysia food, still everybody loves Japanese food, and if this is what you want to try while around Tropicana City Mall then head on over.

Sushi Tei Japanese Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Tropicana City Mall in Damansara, Petaling Jaya. You can contact them at +603-7728 9299 for inquiries. In the meantime, I had my fill of shashimi and sushi and heading back home together with my dear wife.

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