Something about steamboat that people liked. And this Tasty Pot Buffet BBQ Steamboat Restaurant is really packed when we went for a try. My church members have tried it and it was hit with them and so now it was my family’s turn to give it a go.They are not the only steamboat restaurant around Dataran Sunway Mentari, there were many steamboat restaurants all around and some have very funny names like Meow Meow Restaurant which was just opposite of Tasty Pot Steamboat Restaurant. Getting there was a little difficult due to the traffic jam opposite Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The road in front of Sunway Pyramid is very heavily used as it connects to LDP. You have to brave the traffic jam to enter into PJS area of Dataran Sunway Mentari.

Tasty Pot Buffet BBQ Steamboat Restaurant


Since this was the first time we try out this place, we were surprised that Tasty Pot Steamboat Restaurant occupies several floors; in fact it was more like the entire corner lot shop was taken up by them. The place was crowded and you will need to arrive early to get a table. My wife managed to get a reserved table as she explained that we have many seniors as well as pregnant lady. So the restaurateurs consented as they normally don’t reserve tables.

BBQ crabMy cousin arrived there early and was already queuing up for the BBQ crabs. Seemed very popular as there was a long queue and they allow each person to carry one plate only so that others have a chance for a portion. And yes, this is Malaysia food buffet style; eat as much as you want! But don’t be “kiasu” and take beyond your eating capacity! Wastage is chargeable!

For steamboat, typically you have a pot that is divided into two halves where you can choose different soup stock for making your steamboat meal. The most popular soup is the herbal soup, and then they have the spicy tom yam soup which is also rather popular as most Malaysians here like spicy meal. They have another two soup variety, the porridge soup and soya bean soup. We didn’t find the porridge soup any interesting and even the waiter who wanted to refill our steamboat pot thought it was herbal soup! And as for the soya bean soup we gave it a pass as our church members said it wasn’t nice at all. Well you could give it a try if you feel adventurous.

Enjoying our steamboat mealTheir variety of food here is just ok, I have seem other buffer steamboat restaurant with more choices, but I believe this was adequate as long as they are tasty who cares, right? The usual ingredients for steamboat are the usual variety of vegetables, some mushrooms like enoki mushrooms, a variety of seafood shells and clams, sotong and fish meat. Also in hand are the poultry, eggs and a variety of noodles. There were of course fishballs and some yong tau fu offering as well. Oh by the way, they have halal certification which I saw displayed behind their casher counter so there shouldn’t be a problem for Muslim patrons to dine in here, however I didn’t see any Muslim patrons around. I guess they didn’t know that this restaurant is halal.

Apart from the steamboat ingredients you could go for BBQ dishes like seafood crab. They also have kampong fish and sweet corns grilled over their Barbecue grill and it was very tasty. The grilled fish got spices added inside so it might get a little hot! Apart from the grilled crabs, they have caramel fried chicken with sesame seed on it. Very tasty.

BBQ crab, very tasty, yes?And after the meal, you can have your desserts which include the usual watermelon fruits, papaya and honeydew. For the children (and adults too) who would like to cool off from the steaming steamboat they got ice-cream too! Definitely a hit with the children (and adults too including yours truly, heh heh…)

And all this for how much? RM26.80 per person. And for children it goes for RM13.80 per child. And how do they determine the price for adult and children? They have a chart which measures the height, so any kid between 90 to 129cm will be charged accordingly and of course if your child is below 89cm, they get to eat for free! If your child grows up quickly and tall, oh well, you can take heart you are blessed for you are able to feed them well to grow tall and strong!

Getting There

It was rather difficult for us to find the place so you might have some problem too. It took my parents a long time to find the place despite my clear instructions, so hopefully you will fare better.

You should be on the highway opposite side of Sunway Pyramid heading towards LDP highway. Before reaching the junction you should have passed by a mosque and petrol station. Turn left into Dataran Sunway Mentari (the road is before the junction leading to LDP). It is quite jammed here most of the time, once you clear this the traffic is smooth going.

After a short distance, turn right, you will see another petrol station and 7-11 convenience store, turn left on the junction, when you see the D’Fortune Club building, turn right and go straight to the end, the Tasty Pot Buffet BBQ Steamboat Restaurant will be on your right.

Fullhouse at Tasty Pot Steamboat RestaurantIf you need their contact, it is as below:

Tasty Pot Buffet BBQ Steamboat Restaurant
No. 9, Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-5630 1282


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