Everybody loves to go for cuti-cuti Malaysia travel vacation. And just what are the top ten tourism Malaysia travel destination that most people go for? Well here are some interesting travel Malaysia information obtained from Tourism Malaysia website (www.tourism.gov.my).

Canoes by the seaside beach


I find the list perhaps too simplistic but statistics never fail. Of course one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and one man’s paradise is perhaps another man’s boring travel destination. So let’s see whose favourites are on the list. Perhaps it is one of your favourite places to head out for a cuti-cuti Malaysia holiday destination, non?

Here is the top ten Malaysia travel destination:

  1. Langkawi, Kedah
  2. Batu Feringgi, Pulau Pinang
  3. St. Paul’s Hill, Melaka
  4. Endau Rompin, Johor
  5. Taman Negara, Pahang
  6. Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu
  7. Taman Negara Mulu, Sarawak
  8. Mount Kinabalu, Sabah
  9. Sipadan Island, Sabah
  10. Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Some of those places I have been to before, like Langkawi, Batu Feringgi, Mount Kinabalu, and of course the Petronas Twin Tower right smack in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur near where I live. Some of this travel destination is not my favourite and I believe there are better tourism Malaysia places that should be in the list. Of course since this based on tourist statistic I guess it can’t be argued much.

For me, one of my favourite cuti-cuti Malaysia travel destination is the Cameron Highlands because I like the cool mountain weather rather than the hot humid weather of Kuala Lumpur and do take a yearly trip to Cameron Highlands. And for some others, they prefer beaches, particularly the east coast of Malaysia where the beaches are much more pristine than those beaches list in the above top ten travel destination.

Well if you have your favourite cuti-cuti Malaysia travel destination, drop me a comment in this blog.


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