Welcome to tourism Malaysia travel destinations! Malaysia has much to offer for the casual visitor. Blessed with natural beauty, fertile jungle and tropical climate, and a very modern Kuala Lumpur capital city. It has everything to cater for the discerning tourist.

Looking for outdoor adventure travels? You got it. Head on to the jungle forest from mangrove swamp to the montane forest Malaysia highlands. Perhaps relaxing at beautiful sunny Malaysia beaches and islands is more your style. You got it. Too boring? Pack in your scuba gear and go for a dive. Too rugged for you? Shopping is more your style? Then head to the big city and visit all the wonderful glittering Kuala Lumpur shopping malls. Plenty of nightlife around in Kuala Lumpur too. Clubbing and eating.


Malaysia has much to offer, though it may look small in the map, studying the Malaysia map, it would take you a long time to explore all that tourism Malaysia has to offer. Personally even for myself as a local, I have not had the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny within Malaysia to travel. There are places that I would like to visit too. But for now whatever Malaysia facts and information that may be listed may be used by you as a visitor planning for your vacation trip. I’ll be keeping my notes here too; after all I too would like to visit interesting places that I have not been to before. Hopefully the notes that I share may be of use to you.

Malaysia is a developing country and blessed with many natural resources. One of the better Malaysian resources would be it charming beauty and multi-faceted culture. With its well develop infrastructure, you could easily zip across the country savouring its many charming allure and enjoy its relaxing atmosphere save that of course of Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Baru where the rat race really has made those place much of a maddening house.

So escape away from those mad city rush hour and head out to the smaller towns, countryside, villages, highlands and sea side for a more easier going lifestyle. Wouldn’t we all want that! From all the number crunching sales targets and non-stop daily grind, all of us are dreaming of the opportunity to have a wonderful holiday escaped. It would be great if the income would be self-flowing, eh? Well such a dream wouldn’t certainly be great!

Of course if you can get that dream job then do tell me about it! For now I will just share with you about good old Malaysia and perhaps figure out some of the best tourism Malaysia travel places to go. Sometimes there is no need to travel far and wide to enjoy. Even some off the beaten track less well known places to explore would certainly be a welcome change from the daily routine.

So do browse around, bring out your sharpen pencils and notepad and scribble and jot down some notes to where you can go for some vacation getaway escaped and of course after making your choice, hello tourism Malaysia travel destinations! Hope you can find what you are looking for!

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