It is not easy to travel in Kuala Lumpur not least to its haphazard town planning from bureaucratic inefficiencies and confusing bus routes and transportation. Even as a resident staying here of many years, getting around from one place to another is not easy, what more with tourist dropping by for the first time! With some research and planning before hand, you could still navigate getting around and cover the Kuala Lumpur sightseeing places despite some of the fact that many of the Kuala Lumpur landmarks are located in disparate places. There are areas where getting around from one sightseeing place to another would not be so difficult, however the hot humid weather would wear you out especially with all the walking around required.

A birds eye view of Kuala Lumpur city

Kuala Lumpur city centre is simply divided into a few main areas:

  • The City Centre – With the KLCC building as the centre moving out to cover the various foreign embassies with most embassies located on Jalan Ampang to north, and to the south-west of KLCC located mainly on Jalan Sultan Ismail are the various star rated hotels with the KL Tower located nearby. Heading further south and you would reach…
  • The Golden Triangle – which is where all the shopping malls are located. The Golden Triangle with its shopping in close proximity is taken after Singapore’s Orchard Street where this is the place to go for your one-stop shopping extravaganza. From the luxurious brands to designer boutiques, all could be found here.
  • Heritage Colonial Core area – heading further south-west from KLCC, pass the KL Tower is where the various old colonial building are located. Comprising the Merdeka Square (Independence Square) with various Moorish and Moghul styled buildings, past the Central Market right up to the China Town with old colonial shop front buildings build since the 1900s. Here is also where you could find many banks and business, though many banks have also shifted to the Ampang area north of KLCC for their office expansion needs.

The other outlying areas outside the core of Kuala Lumpur city which is famous enough due to its nightlife activities to warrant a visit includes the Bangsar area and Sri Hartamas. For shopping there is the ever burgeoning MidValley Mall with new wings and extension and its increasing patrons. For a little back to nature there is the popular Lake Gardens Park with lush jungle and greenery. And for a Kuala Lumpur sightseeing landmark that is out of the way but a must visit is the Batu Caves with its many steps leading to the cave located on top with a breath-taking view of the surroundings!

Further afield heading west, the satellite cities and towns includes Petaling Jaya city, Puchong, Subang, Shah Alam all the way to the port town of Kelang and Port Kelang. All these towns and cities including Kuala Lumpur city are collectively known as Klang Valley.

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