Using rail transport for travel in Kuala Lumpur is a good way to beat the traffic jams and they do cover many of the sightseeing places though you will still need to walk quite a fair bit to the Kuala Lumpur landmark location. Light rail transit (LRT) transportation may not be the perfect mode of transport for getting around Kuala Lumpur as their routes do not cover enough locations and some stations are just a little too far from the intended destinations, however they are good in that you could avoid getting caught up from traffic jams and are easier to use than buses. In the end the best way to travel in Kuala Lumpur is using a combination of light rail transit, taxies, buses and some amount of walking to get you to your travel destination.

The authorities do have some plans for expansion though the completion date is anyone’s guess so you just have to use whatever network that is available for now.

Map of Kuala Lumpur rail transit network


The main station is located at Kuala Lumpur Sentral or KL Sentral for short. This is where most of the railway lines converge except the monorail. The KL monorail do not meet up in Kuala Lumpur Sentral is due to short-sightedness and poor planning; you need to walk some distance from Tun Sambathan station in the Brickfields area to Kuala Lumpur Sentral station to connect to other railway lines.

KL Monorail

The rail transit network consists of LRTs by Rapid KL (STAR line and PUTRA line), KL Monorail and KTM Komuter. Harmonizing of payment system is still under development though you could purchase multi trip tickets for each line or use Touch’n’Go cards for your journey needs. An added advantage of using Touch’n’Go cards, they could also be used on certain buses as well as for paying road tolls and parking if you are also planning to do some self driving as well.

Amongst the light rail trains, the KTM Komuter is the least efficient of the lot. On a non rush hour you need to wait as long as one hour for a train to come by! So save your frustration and avoid using KTM Komuter and look for other better alternate transportation mode where possible.

LRT Station - Dang Wangi

As for the other LRTs, they are quite efficient with frequent schedules and reliable service. In addition with their raised elevation you get to have a good view of Kuala Lumpur as you travel around within Kuala Lumpur; except for a short distance in the Kelana Jaya line from Masjid Jamek station to Ampang station where the train travels underground. Too bad nothing to see much here! Just a dark underground tunnel travelling through KLCC.

So use the light rail transit for when you need to travel in Kuala Lumpur and a good way to avoid traffic congestion, though you will still need to use a combination of buses, taxies, and some walking as some landmark locations could not be fully covered by the light rail transit network, but overall it is the speediest way of getting around Kuala Lumpur.

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