The most obvious way to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is of course is by air. The first stop on arrival is the Kuala Lumpur international airport, or KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). If your first stop by flight to Malaysia is not via Kuala Lumpur airport, then very likely you may have entered Malaysia via Penang and from there make your way down south to Kuala Lumpur either by road or by train. Another possibility is that you visited Singapore, and made your way north via the Singapore-Malaysia causeway link to visit Johor Baru, perhaps made a visiting trip to the historical city of Malacca before heading up to Kuala Lumpur.

Any of these routes is possible to make your way to the capital city of Malaysia and provides a chance to see more of Malaysia before reaching the busy city of Kuala Lumpur. You can then make comparison from the easier going lifestyle of rural folk to the busy and high stressed and of course livelier life of living and working in Kuala Lumpur.

What are the ways to travel to Kuala Lumpur if your first port of entry is other than Kuala Lumpur? You could of course hop on a flight and from other parts of Malaysia and fly in to Kuala Lumpur airport. In the case where your entry to Malaysia is via Penang or Johor Baru, and you want to line up some itinerary to see more of Malaysia, perhaps dropping by Taiping, Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, if travelling from the north, or in the case of from the south, very likely you would visit the historical city of Malacca; then you could consider either the use of public transportation using either the bus, train or self-drive using car rental.


Travel to Kuala Lumpur by train

Trains are run by Keretapi Tanah Melayu or KTM for short. The route are rather fixed running North-South from Thai-Malaysian border in the north, passing through Kuala Lumpur before reaching and crossing the Malaysian-Singapore causeway bridge and entering Singapore city itself. Trains are considered safer than buses though the numbers of available time-tables are less and the train station locations are not as many. There are places in Malaysia where you can’t go direct, and you will need to switch to another mode of transportation like buses or local taxi to get you where you want to head.

However the KTM train does take you to the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, well almost. It stops at the KTM Central Train Station with its old colonial Moorish architectural structure which is one of the Kuala Lumpur landmarks. A must visit even if you are not using the train as your mode of travel to Kuala Lumpur.

From Kuala Lumpur railway station you can flag down a taxi cab to check in to your hotel accommodation or walk on over to the Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station to take the light rail transit system or LRT for short to get to your other travel destinations in Kuala Lumpur.

Travel to Kuala Lumpur by bus coach

The other choice of transport for travel to Kuala Lumpur which is also the choice of many locals is the use of bus coaches travelling from various parts of Malaysia into and out of Kuala Lumpur. Bus coaches are relatively inexpensive, though you could also pay more for a more luxurious and comfortable ride from city to city.

Malaysia has bus coaches that can take you to Singapore and back again to Kuala Lumpur and all for a relatively inexpensive of cost of about RM100. Though the journey can be long and tiring for it takes an approximately five to six hours ride including stops for a journey between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Considering the cost of a flight is about five times the amount, using bus coaches to travel to Kuala Lumpur and to elsewhere is pretty cost effective however at the expense of longer travelling time.

However there is a caveat when choosing buses, you would be well advice to take day time buses, as I myself do not feel secure about bus drivers during the night. Many a reported bus accidents occurs at night especially those in the wee hours of the morning where the bus driver alertness is less than optimal thus poorer response to road situation. Avoid taking bus coaches travelling past midnight and as a matter of safety, better to choose coaches and buses that travel during the day.

Travel to Kuala Lumpur by car

And of course if you prefer to self drive, you could do a car rental and travel to Kuala Lumpur from Penang or from Johor Baru (not from Singapore, the rates would be better if you rent a car from Johor Baru). The expressway is excellent and the rolling hills and cool green of Malaysian jungle rushing by your car window is soothing and relaxing. Perhaps too relaxing so do take plenty of breaks along the way to keep one from becoming too drowsy while travelling to Kuala Lumpur.

There is plenty of R&R stops along the PLUS Expressway so do take advantage of them for breaks and refreshment. This could also be a chance for you to try out the Malaysian local food and buy some local fruits.

Do note that there is a relocation fee for car rentals if the car was not returned from the original placed that it was hired.

And finally, if you prefer not to drive but still want to travel to Kuala Lumpur by car from other cities in Malaysia, you could hire out a taxi. However this is rather expensive (and then again, so is car rental) but could be an option to choose should the other methods did not suit your travel itinerary plans.

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