Whenever Chinese New Year comes around the corner around Jan and Feb, the weather Malaysia is usually the hottest. And this is proven to be rather true from the news report put out by the Malaysia news. The weather Malaysia so hot that even the air-conditioner has to work pretty hard to keep the room cool, and even my old car air-con couldn’t withstand it and finally conked off resulting in expensive air-condition repairs!Usually in China, the Chinese New Year celebration is also a celebration of passing the cold winter as the New Year starts. But in Malaysia, it seems like opposite, but not so much akin to the people Down Under who celebrate their Christmas in summer!

Map of Malaysia Weather Stations


This hot weather in Malaysia happens right after the North-East monsoon is over. From the daily monsoon rain that was experience by the east coast states of West Malaysia, you could find the weather pattern change from dark grey skies to really hot blue sunny skies!

Hottest temperatures ever recorded in Malaysia

Town/City Temperature Date
Chuping, Perlis 40.1°C 9/Apr/1998
Alor Setar, Kedah 39.1°C 27/Mar/1998
Kuala Krai, Kelantan 38.8°C 14/Apr/1998
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 38.6°C 10/Apr/1998
Termerloh, Pahang 38.6°C 19/Feb/1998
Kudat, Sabah* 37.6°C 25/May/1998

*Hottest ever recorded in Sabah/Sarawak

This hot weather period is like summertime, it is hot and very humid. You can actually feel the humidity in the air. And doing just about anything would cause you to break out in a torrent of sweat!

Looking through the Malaysia weather statistics, I conclude further that the northern states in West Malaysia are far warmer than where I am staying currently in Kuala Lumpur. However the Kuala Lumpur is located in the Klang Valley area where much of the city smog and pollution lay trapped in the valley thus exacerbating the humidity levels which actually makes this place feels much warmer than it is.

Hottesst weather recorded
during CNY week (Past 10 years)

Date Town/City Temperature
2001 Jan 24-30 Chuping, Perlis 34.2°C
2002 Feb 12-18 Ipoh, Perak 36.6°C
2003 Feb 1-7 Ipoh, Perak 35.3°C
2004 Jan 22-28 Subang, Selangor 35.3°C
2005 Feb 9-15 Alor Setar, Kedah 37.7°C
2006 Jan 29-Feb 4 Ipoh, Perak 36.1°C
2007 Feb 18-24 Alor Setar, Kedah 35.4°C
2008 Feb 7-13 Chuping, Perlis 35.3°C
2009 Jan 26-Feb 1 Alor Setar, Kedah 35.3°C
2010 Feb 14-20 Alor Setar, Kedah 36.7°C

The weather information are obtained from the various meteorological Malaysia weather stations located throughout Malaysia as show on the map above obtained from the meteorological department website. If you want to check for the current temperature you may head out to their website below, and hover your mouse on the star points to get the current weather report:

Malaysia Meteorological Department Website

You may also obtain some weather forecast, though I wouldn’t rely on such weather forecast in Malaysia. So far my experience with weather forecast in Malaysia has not been good. It is very difficult to predict convection rain in Malaysia because of convection rain will depend on how hot the day was and whether after the accumulation of the moisture would it reach a cool enough temperature later to result in precipitation.

Peak temperatures recorded over
selected Malaysian cities/towns during
the period of Feb 14th-20th, 2010

City/Town Temperature
Chuping, Perlis 36.7°C
Alor Setar, Kedah 36.7°C
Ipoh, Perak 36.7°C
Subang, Selangor 35.3°C
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 33.3°C
Kuantan, Pahang 33.2°C
K. Terengganu, Terengganu 32.3°C
Kota Bharu, Kelantan 31.0°C
Kuching, Sarawak 30.5°C

For those who plan to do outdoor activities or any tourism activities, you could do like the pretty girls who wishes to keep their complexion fair by using an umbrella to shade off the direct scorching sunlight or wear a hat or cap to reduce the amount of sunlight striking on your head (however it is less airy and you may sweat considerably more using a hat). Most guys like us wouldn’t be doing this dainty thing and we usually just brave the hot sun without any umbrella to block off the bright sunshine. In that case, using sun block lotions may be advisable as well to protect against the UV radiation emitted by the sun.

Occasionally thunderstorms do occur however they appear perhaps between 3-7 days of very hot humid weather. A welcome heavy shower would cool down the weather considerably and I do look forward to such heavy downpours for a quick relief from all this heat wave! Sometimes I wish I was somewhere in the Malaysian Highlands however even in those places, they may not be as cool during the day time.

Certain times the hot weather in Malaysia will be increased due to the El Nino effect and may be lessened when La Nina, the opposite of El Nino weather pattern happens.

For myself I would prefer if the Malaysian weather weren’t so hot though fortunately in this modern day and age, I have the air-conditioner to thank for having a cooler work and living environment.

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